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Facebook Games: Pirates of the World Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Pirates of the World is a Facebook RPG game where you are a ruthless pirate. Take missions and outfit your ship with powerful weapons and upgrades.

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    Pirates of the World Basics

    Pirates of the World Pirates of the World is one of the many free online pirate games you can play and available on Facebook. Your ship isn't sea based it flies in the air so it's a bit different than your standard pirate game. The game is like Mafia Wars in that it is your standard RPG except it has some graphical fighting elements that make it a bit more interesting. Quests range from the stand Facebook text based quest to a graphic fight with another ship where you fire cannon balls and other weapons at each other. As you do quests you will be rewarded with experience and game gold coins. As you finish quests more will become available to you . The game features a hanger where you can repair any damage your ship sustained during battles and you can also upgrade your ship to a higher level in the hanger. A ship that has been sunk can be salvaged in the hanger as well. In the shops section you can buy new ships and upgrade components such as sails and cannons. The game has a chat feature that can be accessed from the shops section.

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    Game Ships

    Pirates of the World There are a few ships in the game but you would expect to see more. You start with a basic sail boat which has average offensive capabilities. The next highest ship in the interceptor which is a decent upgrade from your sail boat. Once you have a good money flow you can buy a corvette or a battleship. There are six ship types in the game which is far too little for an RPG game such s this one. And takes way from the game play. The highest level ship, the battleship is a whopping 2.5 million in game gold. Some ships also require mining resources which you can acquire by using mines at level ten in the game.

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    Weapons and Upgrades

    The choices for basic weapons and upgrades for ships is quite small in this game and disappointing. You have three main basic cannons and six other cannon types. You have a few missile weapons and a couple of engine as weall as sail upgrades. The lack of basic customization for your ship is a sore point in the game since there just isn’t enough to keep the game entertaining.

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    You can make new weapons in the game with crafting or buy them on the market but these are often overpriced and out of reach for most players. There's over fifity items to construct so the customization options are there it's the price and requiremnts that hold crafting back, at least for the average player. By collecting items in the game you can craft new weapons and different parts but the requirements are often high leaving you with some customization for your ship but at enormous expense. If you played all the time crafting might work for you but for the average player its just not feasible.

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    General Gameplay and Conclusion

    Pirates if the World is a decent RPG but you’ll find better ones out there. The lack of basic components is disappointing and the cost of more advanced customization options is too high to be of use to the average player giving the game a nagative thumbs down.. The graphical battles can be fun but aren’t enough to help this game stand up as one of the great Facebook games. It is recommended if you like pirate style rpgs but expect to play for a long time before you actually get anywhere in the game. To do higher missions in the game be sure to hire your Facebook friends to help you.