Facebook Games: Mall Dreams Review - Shopping Spree Games Online

Facebook Games: Mall Dreams Review - Shopping Spree Games Online
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Mall Dreams Basics (4 out of 5)

Mall Dreams is like many of the free shopping spree games you can play online such as Market Street and puts you in control of your own little mall. You can use your Facebook friends to run your stores or the NPC characters in the game. Each store needs to be stocked with goods which eventually run out and need to be replaced. Stores produce money which can be collected one the store is full. Your store patrons will stop buy and may need help finding a particular store you can click on them and give them help which makes them happy. During game play you can pick up trash around you mall for some extra game coins. Quests are available in the game which will give you rewards in the form of the standard experience and coins. The quests are quite varied and there’s a lot of them to keep you busy as you play. Your mall has different transports to bring people into it such as buses, aircraft and trains.

Stores (4 out of 5)

Mall Dreams

You’ll find quite a few stores in the game to add to your mall such as baby outlets, ski shops, a McDowell’s restaurant, donut shops, candy stores, book stores, and music shops. Each store costs game coins and a certain expansion level to own. You’ll need Facebook friends or game cash to buy the expansions so people who want to play for free or alone won’t be able to have all the stores in the game. There’s already dozen of stores in the game so you get a good selection to pick from. You can also buy sales which will discount your merchandise but it will sell quickly in your store but you’ll need Facebook credits to buy those discounts.

Decorations (4 out of 5)

The game has various decorations you can add to your mall such as trees, shrubs, signs, ATM machine, signs, benches, and garbage cans. Some decoration such as arcade booths, bridges, art, and sculptures will take a larger expansion level to place them in your mall. There’s a nice mix of decorative options in the game and you can change the flooring too with wood, titles, stone, and so on.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Mall Dreams is not a standout game but it’s colorful and you’ll find plenty to build. One quirk that is a bit annoying is your NPC mall characters just hang around they aren’t really in your stores and they have a sign above their heads trying to get you to hire your Facebook friends for your stores. These extra signs and NPCs clutter your game especially when you have multiple stores running. At higher levels you can own more than one mall for added game play. The interface is standard for a Facebook game and Mall World falls into the average category. If you are interested in shopping spree games then this one might appeal to you.