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Facebook Games: Fantasy Kingdoms - Free Fantasy Games

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Build your own Fantasy Kingdom on Facebook. Farm magic items to create mana. And build artifacts to make your kingdom more beautiful. Construct a castle complete with walls, and complete quests for experience and rewards.

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    Fantasy Kingdoms Basics

    Fantasy Kingdoms Play free fantasy games on Facebook with Fantasy Kingdoms. This game is just like the popular farming game Farmville, except it uses fantasy items. Instead of crops you are creating magic which turns into mana, the games currency. You can use mana to buy anything in the games store. Trees can be grown for mana and fantasy creatures like unicorns can be raised which can then be sold for mana. The game has bright graphics and is a nice change from growing fields of strawberries or corn. You can also collect many achievements in the game and complete quests for experience. In the game you can also craft spells to expand your storage capacity or grant you a new building.

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    Growing Magic Plants For Mana

    Fantasy Kingdoms Growing magic plants is easy with the use of the infuse stick. You simple point the stick over the plot and infuse it with whatever plant you want from the game store. Crops include catnip, dragon cage, eye of newt, magic beans, snake grass, and hemlock among a whole host of others. Some crops can only be bought with Facebook credits while others simply cost mana.

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    Trees and Creatures

    Other items can be grown such as a wide assortment of trees such as dogwood, ash, and weeping willow. Tress will create mana for you over time. Creature include unicorns, wizard cat, dragonfly, and dragons but most of these cost Facebook credits to purchase with only the unicorn and one dragon available for mana.

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    In Fantasy Kingdoms you can also construct castles of various types. You have country, traditional, shadow, fantasy, and halo castles currently in the game. Along with your castle you have walls, towers, and turrets. The castle itself costs Facebook credits while the rest of the pieces cost mana. Completing a full castle for your kingdom can get quite expensive so in the early stages you won’t be building one unless you want to spend your real life cash for it..

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    You can collect items called reagents that can be used to make spells. You can buy reagents with credits and some can be gifted to you or found in the game. Reagents can be formed together to make a spell to grant you various items such as new buildings in the game. Spells can be found at the bottom of your inventory box which is an odd place for them.

    Your kingdom can have various decorations including buildings, fences, lights, rocks, crystals, fences, paths, plants, ponds, and other various items. There’s a great selection of decorative items for your game that you can play around with until you can afford a castle.

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    General game Play and Conclusion

    Fantasy Kingdoms offers the same basic game play as farming on Facebook except you have a fantasy theme. The graphics look great and the soundtrack is nicely done. Like most games of this genre it can take time to level up but that is half the fun. Fantasy Kingdoms is one of the free fantasy games on Facebook worth playing and a nice change of pace from farming.