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This Video Party Game is a Fun Addition to Facebook

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Create your own party on Facebook with Party Central. Play music, serve food, decorate your home, and interact with your guests to earn money and experience.

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    Party Central Party Central joined Facebook in late 2010 and is different from video party games such as Nightclub City. In Party Central you have a sim-like house where you can add different objects such as chairs, tables, couches and other items. Guests will arrive and you can entertain them with music and serve food. You will need to restock your food before it runs out to keep your guests happy and your popularity rising. As you play you click on individual guests and pick different actions such as dance, talk, tell a joke, or give a compliment. These action provide you with experience and coins for your party house. These actions also use energy which depletes as you interact with guests. Items you add to your house with give you luxury and bring more guests to your party.

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    Game Play

    Party Central Party Central looks good and has a nice soundtrack. The whole idea is to increase the size of your party by bringing more guests to it. You can do this by adding more objects to increase your luxury rating. Popularity can be increased by interacting more with your guests. This can be done by clicking on their menus where you can select actions such as talk and dance. This concept works quite well and while it is still clicking a lot like most Facebook games, it gives a different feel to the game. The energy bar will decrease as you do this so you can’t interact all the time. The main problem with the game is the guests just stand around, they don’t sit on furniture, or do any of the actions from their menu such as dance. So what you have is a bunch of people walking around your home not doing anything. Your guests do talk and jump around a bit but that is about all. You don’t feel like your running a party and that’s disappointing.


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    The game features several areas of your house. You have a kitchen, living room and as you progress, you can add more rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom but those rooms haven’t be implemented yet in the game. You can add chairs, couches, stove, refrigerator, and various plants, for example. Some items such as the refrigerator add to your food totals so you can store more food for your guests. There’s also some nice themed items for holidays. Overall there’s a good selection of game items but many of them cost Facebook credits or a huge chunk of game coins.

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    Party Central is quite new so you should see more items soon. The interactions are a nice addition but it would be fun it your guests did things like sit down or something because all they basically do is move around in your house. The game does have some nice decorations and holiday themes such as Halloween so there’s plenty to choose from. Party Central is a game that has some potential and is one to keep an eye on.

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