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Facebook Games: Sports City Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Sports City is a Facebook game where you build up your own sports empire. Construct arenas and building to help support your venues. Decorate your sports city with structures such as statues and billboards.

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    Sports City Basics

    Sports City Sports video games are becoming popular on Facebook and Sports City combines the city building genre with sports management. Players build a city around a sport they choose such as football or hockey. Players seed service buildings such as the mall to help support their team. For example if a player has mall they can build sports merchandise for their team like hats, skates or other items. Once the player has a stadium they can begin playing games against other Facebook users who are playing the sport the user has picked. Constructing a sports market will allow the player to begin recruiting new players for their team. Decorations can be added to the game for a unique look and feel to the city.

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    Building Your Sports City

    Sports City The main goal of this game is to take a sports stadium and build yourself a supporting city around it. Building will help to generate additional revenues for your sports team. The game features structures such as the mall, bank, kiosk, ice cream truck, burger bar, sports bar, casino, and hotel. The main problem with the city building aspect of the games is there isn’t enough structures to keep the game entertaining for long. It would be nice to see some housing units, or fancy hotels for players on your team. You end up building a city that just doesn’t have much variety to be worth building. There’s no bulldozer or other object to help you remove trees so it’s difficult to place roads in the game. As your buildings complete tasks such as constructing skates, you can collect the money and use it build more structures.

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    Playing Games

    Sports City also allows you to play games against other Facebook users but this isn’t very engaging or entertaining since the games are all done automatically. Games use energy tickets which recharge slowly over time. Each player has energy associated with them but it’s difficult to determine just how the energy system works when your playing games, since it’s rather confusing. Your rinks can be upgraded as you level up which will increase your fan base and make the stadium look more appealing.

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    The game has some nice statues you can add to your game. For example, if you like hockey you can add the hockey player stature to your game but these cost game cash and not coins. There’s a few nice billboards including a scorecard one. The game has a few fountains, trees, a park and a couple of other decorations but overall the choices here are weak which brings down the look of your game due to lack of variety. There’s only one road type and a few country flags in the game currently.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Overall the buildings included in the game look good but there’s just not enough of them to give you a nice looking city. Playing the sports games isn’t very engaging or much fun not to mention rather confusing to play. The game has a few nice decorations but lacks in that department too. Sports City could be a great game with some improvement but right not it’s jus not recommended with games such as EA Sports NFL Superstars and others on Facebook which offer more sports entertainment value.

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