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Facebook Games: Madden NFL Superstars Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Madden NFL Superstars takes you to the football field on Facebook to create your very own team full of NFL players. Create your team, logo and start playing games. Use new player cards to fill up your roster and use special moves to gain the advantage in the game.

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    Madden NFL Basics

    NFL Superstars This football game is one of the few free online football games you’ll find on Facebook. While Madden NFL Superstars is an EA Sports game it doesn’t feature the graphics or game play of the console and PC game it’s a card style game with no real interaction during games except for special moves you can perform. Your team isn’t a real NFL team rather it’s full of NFL players both offensive and defensive. You mold your team by purchasing game cards in the store. You can assign your players yourself or have the computer do it for you. And you can sell off players you no longer want.

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    Playing a Game

    NFL Superstars Getting into a game in NFL Superstars is easy simple select play and pick a team to play against. Games will only take a few minutes to complete. During the game you can sue special moves to gain the advantage which are great if your team is behind and needs some points. You will unlock different game types as you level up such as the NFL Pro league. You can scrimmage against your friends or try and guess the winner of weekly real NFL games for game prizes. If you find you’re losing games be sure to change your team cards to better players or you can go to the practice room.

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    Using the practice room will help to improve your teams rating and each practice session will take game time. For example you can do the 40 yard dash for 5mins or defensive drills for four hours. After you complete your training you will be rewarded with your practice points. Be sure to collect your points right after the practice your you’ll lose them. As you play games you also lose practice points so be sure to keep your team practicing.

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    Your Team

    Your team is made up of offensive and defensive NFL player cards. Here you can create the team you desire by buying new players packs in the game store. Card packs range from average players to high level players and you can't pick individual cards. You can also buy new stadiums, game changer moves, and tickets to play in pro league matches. To field your team simply move your player cards to the appropriate slot and that player is ready to play. Click on cards you don’t want and drag them to the slot to sell them back for some cash.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Madden NFL Superstars is a fun football game but could use some more interaction. It’s disappointing there isn’t at least some basic interaction with your team such as the ability to call plays You can use the game changers but they aren’t really game plays and they feel cheap plus they are very expensive to buy. The game looks good graphically when viewing your team cards but that is about it in terms of graphics. Madden NFL is great to play as a casual football game but don’t expect the full EA Sports football experience here because you won’t find it.