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NFL 2010: Best Football Game for iPhone

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

NFL 2010 is a great football game and possibly the best example of how powerful the iPhone is as a portable gaming device.

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    Features and Game play

    NFL 2010 I would have to admit that I'm not the most avid football fan. However, t I love the game and I can spend a couple of hours watching any given football game on TV. In fact, I remember playing quite a lot of NFL Football games for the Playstation. This is why, despite the game technicalities that Gameloft, this app's developer, embedded into the game, it still manages to please.

    NFL 2010 gives you two game modes outright - Quick Play and Game Modes. Quick Play matches you up with a randomly selected team. Game Modes lets you play the Season, Playoffs or Exhibition Games. If you're familiar with sports games, you know that Season Game Mode is possibly the best way to appreciate the game. It incorporates all the features of the game and gives you rewards of some sort, by way of achievements.

    In terms of gameplay, this is definitely a feature-rich iPhone game. It boasts tons of features that you wouldn't expect it to have. For example, when you are in the Defensive Mode, you can select various defensive plays to run in order to effectively sack or knock down your opponents. You can also use this mode to try to intercept the ball when they make a long pass.

    Likewise if you're on the offensive side, you can run various predetermined sets of plays that allow you to pass the ball in various strengths or to simply carry out a running play. Of course, you also get to execute those famous "blitz" game plays as if you're actually playing a real football game.

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    Graphics and Sound

    Another area in which this game excels is in the graphics department. The developer paid attention to details when rendering the different elements of the game such as the players, football stadium, uniform differences and other details of the game's graphics. Sound effects and in-game voice-over were also top-notch, despite the fact that what the announcer was saying tended to get repetitive at times. Quality-wise, the game's voice-over talent must be given commendation for sounding like a real sports commentator.

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    Our Verdict

    Many iPhone game reviewers have compared this game with the Madden Football game. I haven't installed Madden on my iPhone yet, so I can't compare the two. But judging by the way this game has stretched the iPhone's capability, I have no doubt that it is probably one of the best iPhone football games available. Except for Madden, this game is definitely the best iPhone game in the sports category.

    NFL 2010 is available at the iTunes Store for $1.99. If you're a football game fan, this is a must-have iPhone app.

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    Screenshot of NFL 2010 by Gameloft.