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NFL 2011 for iPhone Reviewed

by: Shanna James ; edited by: Simon Hill ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

As a football fan you plant yourself in front of the TV to watch each and every football match during the NFL Season. You are now anticipating NFL 2011, but the good news is that you can start watching the games and even playing them from now with the release of Gameloft’s NFL 2011 for iPhone.

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    NFL 2011 in Review

    NFL2011 The success of last year's NFL 2010 game has brought about the release of NFL 2011. This amazing iPhone game has been upgraded to feature stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. These visual improvements make for a fun game for both children and adults.

    NFL 2011 is a fun football simulator which has been optimized for the iPhone 4 and it brings the most popular teams and players to the mobile screen. Like the Saints, Colts, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Tony Romo. NFL 2011 allows users to experience the most complex and accomplished football simulator of the year. Gameloft has definitely improved on a flawless concept both graphically and during gameplay. The game features full rosters of every NFL team including commentary, an extensive playbook and a wide variety of moves and tackles. Most users note that the commentary feels very realistic as it is not overly repetitive. The graphics are exceptionally crisp and the animation is very smooth, a worthwhile upgrade from last year's itchy and archaic animations. The playbook offers over 200 different plays that can also be edited to your liking and an assistant coach for making those difficult choices a little easier.

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    NFL2011 Kick off NFL 2011 uses every aspect of the innovative iPhone device. The joystick is used to control the direction a selected player runs, throws or kicks the ball among other things. The touch screen is used to select the tactics. The iPhone can even be tilted for shimmies, sidesteps and power moves which accelerates the player in order to better escape the opposing team

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    Graphics and Gameplay

    NFL2011 In Game NFL 2011 features stunning graphics which were made possible using motion capture technology. This advancement in visuals has led to more detailed player animations including tackles, running, celebrating and much more. This game has also improved its artificial intelligence for CPU players and opponents. No longer will you have to play against a lazy or glitchy opponent or wonder why your CPU teammates are lagging behind.

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    Game Advantages

    Despite a few small hiccups, NFL 2011 has made leaps and strides in the mobile gaming industry. Rising to the top of the ranks in gaming simulation, competing with the best of the best. The beauty of NFL 2011 is that just about anyone can play. You do not have to be a big football fan or even know much about the jargon, terms or the exact science of American football. The game comes complete with a comprehensive tutorial which teaches you just about everything you'll need to know about the game. Even without this the game has been set so newcomers can easily understand the terms within the game. There is also the option of choosing your skill level which could be set to normal, intermediate or hard. Additionally, embedded directly into the game is an RSS feed which feeds news of your favorite team straight to your mobile device.


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    Game Disadvantages

    There are several drawbacks to NFL 2011. Firstly, a user cannot make their own player or trade team members like in many other football simulation games. Secondly there is no multiplayer mode. This means the game cannot be played with other people over the Internet or even nearby. Also, its earlier release featured a 30 second video which was very tedious each time the game was started. NFL 2011 has since replaced this video with a longer promotional video which most users express a strong wish to get rid of completely.

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    Game Overall Rating

    nfl-big original NFL 2011 has created a unique and immerse football experience for everyone. It has also immersed its users in exceptional visuals, quick and smooth gameplay and a football exerience that they will never forget. The game looks and sounds almost real and due to its more intuitive controls, acts real as well. Download NFL 2011 for only $4.99