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Bottle Your Own Estate Wine

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Millionaire Estates is a virtual farm game where you grow wine to sell. Use your profits to upgrade your winery and work your way up the game leader boards.

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    Millionaire Estates Game Basics

    Millionaire Estates Virtual farm games are popular on Facebook with titles such as the successful Farmville. Millionaire Estates is a farming game exception growing wines. When you join the game you can join region such as France or Australia and grow your crops. During game play you can view the leader board and see if your one of the top players in your region or the world. Game play is simple enough and if you have played a farming game this one will be easy. Simply use the plow tool to create some plots of land and set your grapes up. Use your profits to grow more grapes and decorate your winery the way you want. Hire people to work on your farm and improve the wine quality to bring you more coins.

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    Growing Crops

    Millionaire Estates The game has a few different grape crops you can plant including chardonnay, pinot noir, and merlot. These were some of the choices from the France region. It’s unclear if other regions have different grape types. In addition to grapes you can also grow fruit frees for wine waking purposes. The only problem with crops is there just isn’t enough of them in the game right now. Crops also take far too long to grow with the basic crops taking four hours. Players should have some crops that are ready in five to fifteen minutes like other virtual farm games you’ll find on Facebook. Overall the crop selection isn’t that great but could improve since this game is quite new. In the game store you can hire workers such as a spa assistant, gardener, wine assistant, and wine maker. These helps can help run your farm and improve the wine or help with the general operation of the farm.

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    Functional Buildings

    The game features a few different buildings and various decorations that can be used to gain more coins for your farm or improve different aspects of it. For example, barrels will improve the quality of your wine while the outdoor pool creates extra coins for your farm. You’ll also find a few standard decorations like topiaries to give your farm a personal flair. The game currently doesn’t feature enough decorations or buildings to give the player a whole lot of variety. Some buildings such as the early mansion are quite plain looking and need more detail.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Millionaire Estates is a decent member of the virtual farm games you can find on Facebook but it’s not a standout. The ability to gain coins from buildings on your farm is helpful and the leader boards are a nice touch. There’s a lot of content that isn’t working yet such as “special features” and a “travel now” button on the right hand site so it looks like the developers plan to add more content to this game. Millionaire Estates needs some crops that can grow right away to keep people playing because crops take far too long to complete as it stands right now. This game is worth playing if you want a change of pace from farming but you won’t find outstanding content it’s just average for now.