Free empire building games on Facebook: Caesar City Review

Free empire building games on Facebook: Caesar City Review
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Ceasary City Basics (4 out of 5)

You’ll find many free empire building games on Facebook such as City of Wonder. Caesar City takes you to ancient Rome to build your own city. You start by building basic homes for your people and then resource production buildings. As you collect resources you can turn these reassures into goods using industries such as pottery making or wine making. You can get a nice economy going in the game to fuel your city building needs. Players also need to keep their population happy so happiness buildings can be built. Cities can also be decorated with various game items. In your town center you can host events such as festivals for extra game coins.

Economy and Buildings (4 out of 5)

Caesar City

The game has quite a few structures you can use for your population. You’ll start with simple hovels and small houses until you move up to larger villa style buildings. Currently there’s not a whole lot of resident building you can construct so hopefully this will change. There are quire a few different resource building you can construct including a woodcutter, grape field, clay pit, stone quarry, cotton farm, iron mine, and gold mine among others. These raw resources are used to make goods you can sell in your industry buildings for coins. Your Industries provide the income you need to grow your Caesar City. You have furniture making, wine making, pottery, stone cutter, tailor, tool smith, diamond cutter and more. As you make goods you can sell these in the market for coins.

Happiness/Decorations (4 out of 5)

As your city expands you’ll need to keep your people happy with special buildings. You’ll construct a food market, shrine, school, clinic, tax office, tavern, college, arena, hippodrome, and others. There’s a nice collection of happiness buildings for your growing city already in the game. Decorations such as trees, flowers, fountains, statues, parks and other items can be added so your city looks good. Overall there’s some nice decorations to choose from so far in the game.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Caesar City is off to a good start for a Facebook city builder. There’s a nice collection of buildings in the game. There’s one problem with the game and that’s a few too many popups that appear as your trying to play which can be annoying. Another nice addition to the economy is that you can sell extra resources to your friends so they can build a structure they might need. The game also features collections which will award you coins and experience. Be sure to build enough happiness buildings for your population such as hospitals and markets. Be sure to save some resources in your marketplace for your industries so they can build things. Overall Caesar City is a nice addition to the city building genre on Facebook. The game isn’t a standout but does offer some good game play and has a nice economic model.