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Facebook Games: Fame Town Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

FameTown puts you in Hollywood to make movies. Create different movies by purchasing the skills to complete the picture. Go to events and take part in the nightlife to gain cash for your movies.

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    FameTown Basics

    FameTown FameTown is an RPG where you make Hollywood movies. To make movies you need the required skills, cash, and level to complete the picture. Skills such as accents, stunt training, and firearms training can be bought in the game store and used to help you complete movies. Movie props can also be bought in the store. As you complete movies and attend events you’ll move from the D-List and try to make it to the A-List and be a famous celebrity. As you level you’ll receive new movies to do with new requirements to complete them. Energy is used when attending events and must be replenished once it runs out.

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    Making Movies

    Making a picture is an easy process in FameTown provided you have the necessary requirements to complete it. Pictures take time to complete and you can’t do another picture until the one you are working on is finished. You can increase your movies rating by having your Facebook friends visit you in the game. You’ll get more cash, fans and a higher rating if your friends visit you. Other things that can increase your movies rating is to release it as soon as the movie is finished and train in the bonus skills each movie has available. Movies have different genres such as action, romance, drams, sci-fi, and comedy.

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    FameTown To gain cash to help you make movies you can attend events and spin the cash wheel for income for your movie making. You can attend charities, industry events, partiers, go to bars, and the underbelly of Hollywood life. In each venue you can do tasks and then spin a wheel for prize money for your movies. This process isn’t very engaging and the prize wheel seems like something you would see in a game show video game not one based upon Hollywood movie making. The whole concepts just doesn’t make sense with the prize wheel. To make matters worse attending events requires energy and you’ll have to wait a considerable amount of timer to get enough energy and cash to complete your movie.

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    You can use favors or game cash to buy cars and housing You do get a few favors in the game but only a very small amount. Like most Facebook games there’s a pay element to the game. Buying favors will let you own the better homes and cars to increase your energy levels. The game currently doesn’t have much in the way of housing or automobiles to help you increase energy.

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    FameTown just isn’t a very fun game. It takes a very long time to level due to the amount of cash you need to make movies, and having to need energy to attend events. The wheel spin at events seems out of place and belongs in a game show not this video game. There’s currently no gift setup and the game needs those since that’s a staple of Facebook gaming. FameTown is a game that fails to impress or engage the player for a long period. There’s a whole host of great RPG style games on Facebook but FameTown in it’s current state is not one of them.