Facebook Games: Hollywood City Review

Facebook Games: Hollywood City Review
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Game Basics (3 out of 5)

Business computer games such as Market Street are popular on Facebook. Hollywood City gives you the opportunity to run your own Hollywood empire and make money producing movies. The gamer follows the same basic principles of Millionaire City, Digital Chocolates other city building game. To make money you’ll need to create some studios, and start to produce movies and other entertainment in them. You can create different studios such as drama, horror, romance and comedy. The game features a few entertainment facilities such as a movie theatre or comedy club. The people who work on your movies need facilities too and for this purpose you have actor trailers, audio lab, box office, and other production buildings available. You make money from the various productions you make in the game. You can take missions fro extra income and rewards.

Structures (2 out of 5)

Hollywood City

Hollywood City has a nice concept but currently the game is a little thin on actual buildings you can construct. While this is still a new title it needs more things to build to keep it entertaining. You can build a few studios but there’s not enough building variety at your current level. For example at level one you have three studios available to build and after that only eight more all at much higher levels. This lack of options gives you a city that is very much a large clone of itself due to the lack of building variety and is disappointing. The same lack of structures can be found with the entertainment and buildings for your movie production. Hopefully as the game progresses more options will be available because the game lacks in this area a great deal. As you build your city just begins to look like one giant clone of itself with the same building types and no real variety.

Making Money (3 out of 5)

Putting money in your pocket is done by constructing studios. You can create different productions in your studios such as commercial, short-film, TV movie, music video, and so on. These productions are all generic and it would be nice if each studio had its own productions. So for example, the horror studio could have all horror movies being produced. It seems out of place to have a music video production option in your horror studio.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Hollywood City feels like it’s an add-on to Millionaire City and not a new full game. There simply isn’t enough to build to keep it interesting and the game play is an exact clone of the other game. This would make a great addition to Millionaire City as a district or other area of your city but not as a complete game. Digital Chocolate needs to add more structures and give players something else to keep them coming back to this game since Millionaire City is the better game here. This game doesn’t feel complete and for that reason it isn’t recommended in its current state.