Mercenaries of War Review: Facebook action RPG games

Mercenaries of War Review: Facebook action RPG games
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Mercenaries of War Review - Action RPG Games

Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Mercenaries of War is one of the growing list of great action RPG games you can now play on Facebook. The game features the same types of content las other Facebook games in this genre. Players complete missions for coins, experience, and loot. Some mission will require specific gear that can be purchased in the game store. The game also features a battle system where you an match your mercenary squad with another player in the game. The battles in this game are depicted in a nice graphical representation. While the graphics are basic it is nicer than the basic text battles you get with other Facebook RPGs. Players can also buy mercenaries for their squads along with weapons, armor and other gear.

Missions (4 out of 5)

To earn money, experience, and loot in the game the player must complete missions. These take energy which is depleted each time a mission is done. Once a mission is mastered more become available. During missions loot may be found which the player can use. As you complete your missions you’ll move through the city building by building. You can view the city you’re in by looking at the map which has your current city mission highlighted. Some missions require you to play little mini games like a sniper game where you need to eliminate targets in a specified time period. This adds some interactivity besides the standard text missions.

Battles (4 out of 5)

Mercenaries of War

When you do battles you can choose from several different buildings in your current area and match up against other Facebook players. You can improve your odds of winning a battle by hiring mercenaries for your squad. You can get basic units but if you have mercenary points or the games currency, you can buy specialized mercenaries that are more powerful in battle. Health kits can be bought to heal your mercenaries after intense battles.

Market (4 out of 5)

At the market you can buy more powerful weapons and armor for your mercenary and equip them at your profile screen. You can buy armor vests and different weapons such as pistols and automatic rifles. Sometimes a powerful weapon will be on sale for mercenary points. From the marketplace you can also buy new mercenaries for your squad.

Investments (3 out of 5)

Players can also purchase structures which will increase their cash revenues. Players must collect the revenue within a specified time period or the structure expires and another one needs to be purchased. You can buy any number of structures as long as you collect your earning you’ll be fine.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Mercenaries of War is a great Facebook RPG and well worth playing. The missions are good, plus there’s different sounds played during individual missions and some graphical combat which is a nice addition to the game. The game has other customization options such as weapons and armor too.