Facebook City Building Games: Happy Kingdom Review

Facebook City Building Games: Happy Kingdom Review
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My Kingdom Basics (4 out of 5)

Happy Kingdom is another city building game you can play on Facebook. This game puts you in control of your own Kingdom with a medieval style city theme. The game follows the same basic Facebook city building principles. You add population with housing, construct businesses and decorate your city as you level up. In this game food is a major factor and plenty of farms are needed to bring people into your kingdom and have them work for you. The bulk of your early play will be making farms and getting citizens for your growing city.

Population and Farms (3 out of 5)

My Kingdom

To get population into your city you’ll need homes, cottages and other residential buildings. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because you also need food to bring them in so they can work. Farms can be constructed so you have enough food for your population. You have to balance food with housing or you will won’t be able to get population into your food supply go back up. This can get annoying at times since you can’t progress with the game without enough food but it does add some strategy elements to the game too.

Businesses/Decorations (3 out of 5)

The game features businesses which can boost your income. You’ll find structures such as bread maker, workshop, butcher, clothes mender, fruit stand, and market. There’s not a great deal of selection here and there good be a few more choices. On the decorative side you have the standard trees, bushes, hedges, fountains and medieval structures such as observation towers. The selection is decent but not near what you’ll find in other Facebook city builders.

Quests (4 out of 5)

The game does have a nice quests system and you can follow a bit of a story by doing the “epic tasks.” These are larger quests which will get you to build a number of structures, get enough food for your city and so on. The game also features smaller quests that will pop up as you build your city.

General Game Play (3 out of 5)

Happy Kingdom is a decent city builder but it moves along at quite a slow pace. You need food all the time and it take quite a while before you have enough population to actually do anything in the game. You’ll find your self waiting for your farms to produce food quite a bit. The number of structures you can build is a bit limiting and this needs to be expanded upon some to give the game some more value. With all the Facebook city builders out here this one has a while to go before it can complete. On the plus side the game has some nice quests which give you something else to do besides building structures.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Happy Kingdom is a decent game and it’s worth playing but the game doesn’t offer anything new in the city building genre. If more structures are added to the game on a regular basis the game will get better. You may want to give Happy Kingdom a try if you like city builders but it’s still the same game you have played before on Facebook just with a new skin.

Update: Happy Kingdom used to be called “My Kingdom,” but that is a different game now.


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