Playboy Party Review - Own your own Playboy mansion on Facebook

Playboy Party Review - Own your own Playboy mansion on Facebook
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Game Basics (2 out of 5)

Playboy Party puts you in control of your own Playboy mansion. In the game you get to invite guests to your mansion. You are required to greet them and throw out unwanted guests and those that have had too much to drink. You can also invite Playboy playmates and various celebrities to your house party. People at your party can be served drinks and you can play various styles of music at the party. Your mansion can be decorated with various items. As you level up you’ll collect various playboy images of magazine covers and playmate photographs.

Collections (2 out of 5)

Playboy Party

As you play you’ll get to collect various Playboy Photographs and magazine cover images. Before you get your hopes up these images are all very tame. The collections might seem like a good idea but they do nothing to make game play any better. There’s no real incentive to collect them other than seeing a few images that can be found online and at a better quality.

Game Play (1 out of 5)

Playboy Party can only be described as an abysmal game. There is no party element to the game for one thing. Guests simply stand around like sticks; they don’t dance, sit on furniture or do anything remotely entertaining for the game player. There’s no drink selection like other games, you simply click a drink button to serve them. The graphics are beyond horrible and the playmates that come to your party look exactly like the guests except for the rabbit ears. The room you get to start with is so small you can’t do anything in it. You can buy new rooms and expand your mansion but there’s no incentive to do this due to the poor game play. You spend energy points to greet guests and throw out trouble makers but this is all you do as far as actually game play and it get tiresome after about five minutes.

Customization Options (2 out of 5)

The game has a few customization options such as different music tracks to choose from. You can add trees, a swimming pool, and decorate the outside of your mansion as well as the inside. There are chairs, plants, wall coverings, and the standard fare for the inside of your mansion but the graphics for these items are all very poor. The game features holiday items like other Facebook games but even these aren’t very good.

Overall Impressions and Conclusion (1 out of 5)

I have reviewd numerous Facebook games and Playboy Party is about as bad as they come. There’s nothing in this game that engages the game player or is actually fun to do. The game is trying to capitalize on the better party games such as Nightclub City but fails miserably in the attempt. The fact that you can collect Playboy images isn’t an excuse to make a game as bad as this one. A game player can go online or buy the magazine and get images that are better. Playboy Party is one party you’ll want to stay clear of.