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Facebook RPG Games: Epic Fighters

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Epic Fighters is a Facebook RPG style game. Complete quests for experience and coins. Train skills and level them up to make your fighter more powerful.

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    Epic Fighters Game Basics

    Epic Fighters Digital Chocolate has been making Facebook games at a rapid pace and Epic Fighters is one of their new games. Epic Fighters is a fantasy based RPG game much in the style of their MMA Pro Fighter game. Players complete quests in this game and battle other Facebook users in duels. Players can also train skills and level them up to use in quests or against other game players. Items can be bought in the game store such as armor and weapons.

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    Epic Fighters Epic Fighters features the standard Facebook style quests which use energy or “stamina" each time a quest is done. In this game you occasionally get a quest with some animated graphics but for the most part it’s all standard text game play. Players earn coins and get experience for each quest that is completed and quests can be done multiple times until they are mastered. Quests also feature bosses that the player can battle which are easier with Facebook friends playing the game. You can join epic boss battles with friends or play your own game and have friends join. This is a nice addition from the standard quests and gives the players a bit more of a challenge and something to work towards.

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    The game features numerous skills that the player can train. These skills cost game coins and can be mastered. You’ll find gladiator, assassin, blood, elemental, paladin, and summoning skill sets that can be trained by the player. Both offensive and defensive skills can be trained to be used in duels and quests. For example the assassin skill set has quick slash, parry quick slash and counter quick slash as a few of the skills that can be trained. Mixing skills is a good way to have a balanced fighter in the game. Duels will place your fighter against another Facebook user. This area of the game is a bit disappointing since it’s hard to find another player at your level. You can search through players but the game doesn’t match you with ones near you very often. This can lead to some very unbalanced fights that you will lose and it’s a frustrating part of the game.

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    Game Store

    The game store or “market" is where the player can buy weapons, armor and helmets. With games such as Epic fighters you would expect to see a great deal of selection in the marketplace but this isn’t found. What is in the store is high priced or requires game gold to purchase. The lack of customization for your fighter due to the high prices of things makes the game less than it could be. Even at low game levels the player should be able to customize their player in different ways because it makes you want to keep playing the game and perhaps purchase some of the better piece of equipment that cost money.

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    Epic Fighters is an average Facebook RPG and doesn’t offer anything new to the player. The quests in the game are good and there’s good skill customization but the game store is quite poor. There’s better Facebook RPGs that offer much more than Epic Fighters.

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