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Free Online Room Makeover Games for Kids

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Unleash your kid’s interior designing talents with these free online room makeover games. They can be a great platform to showcase your child’s designing talents. Here are few best online room makeover games for kids available free on the internet.

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    Importance of Online Room Makeover Games

    Edutainment games are constructive form of entertainment for kids, be it online brain games or virtual interior design games. They can be the best visual instructional tools providing good opportunities for kids to showcase their talent and intelligence. Virtual room makeover games can bring up the budding interior designer in your kid. Your child can experiment with different furniture, art, color coordination, design and scale of the living room, bed room or a classroom and explore his or her interior designing talents.

    The internet is filled with different kinds of virtual room makeover games. Some allow kids and teens to decorate drawing rooms, while others provide great opportunities to redesign virtual classrooms. These online flash games provide a great platform to demonstrate your child’s bent towards designing skills. You can also participate with your kids in decorating virtual rooms. This will encourage them to show their inner talents and design abilities.

    Besides being fun and educational, online room makeover games are available free, which is great news for parents and kids. There are several websites featuring attractive free online room makeover games such as class room and drawing room makeovers. Here are few best room makeover games that can provide hours of fun and edutainment for kids and their parents:

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    Free Online Room Makeover Games for Kids: High School Room Makeover

    Free Online Room Makeover Games--High School Maker This unique flash game allows kids and teens to design an empty classroom with different objects, be it a computers, desks, bookcases, or animated school students and teachers. Built using the DollMaker Script, High School Room Maker boasts endless objects to decorate the classroom. Children can also change the scale of the room as well as rearrange items as per their comfort. Kids first have to select a background for their virtual classroom and then start adding objects such as desks, labs, computers, chairs and other classroom furniture.

    Later they can export their newly designed classroom to the paint application or print and show it to their friends and family. To delete any item on the classroom, kids will have to right click on the object and select delete. The only drawback is the inability to rotate objects for placing them in the desired direction, other than that, High School room makeover is one of the best free online room makeover games on the internet.

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    Room Makeover

    Room Makeover This is a plain and simple online room makeover game that allows kids and teens to decorate a room with different snazzy items. It presents two different rooms—Round Window Room and French Door Room. Kids have to select any one room and begin decorating them with chairs, rooms and fun accessories such as window decorators, guitars, toys, drum kit, wallpapers etc. There’s also a nice little slider that lets you change the color of the room. Room Makeover is quite simple and focuses on design elements. An object can also be dragged into the trash icon if it doesn’t fit the room décor. Once the room is ready, kids will have to click on the “finish" button to email the decorated room to friends or print it.

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    Realistic Room Design

    Realistic Room Design Screenshot This free online flash game is designed for boys and girls and has three dimensional objects to decorate an empty room. Realistic Room Design tests the designing skills of kids and allows them to create a beautiful room from scratch. Kids will have to click on various icons located below the empty room to decorate. These icons can be clicked several times to choose the best item, be it windows, decorative rugs, chairs, computer desks, laptops, wall posters etc. Once the room is decorated, hit the “done" button to see few extra elements being added to the room including shadow effects, sparkles and glows, which makes it look more “Realistic". This online flash game is one of the best free online room makeover games that use 3D objects to decorate.

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