Best Free Online Drawing Games for Kids and Teens

Best Free Online Drawing Games for Kids and Teens
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Best Online Drawing Games for Kids

Messing up with the paint box may be your kid’s favorite pastime. Canvases and paint tools surely let his creative juices flow. Drawing and painting has always been the favorite activity of kids and teens. With the dawn of computers, drawing tools, such as Paint for Windows and other programs like CorelDraw were some of the best ways to unleash your kid’s hidden his hidden Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso.

With time, PC indie games such as Max and the Magic Marker gave a new dimension to drawing. Kids could unleash their imagination by drawing several objects, and the game’s physics engine would breathe in life to make them work. The Internet too has several online drawing games. Some are reminiscent to Max and the Magic Marker, while others just help unleash your kid’s creativity with some smart tools and puzzles. Here are some of the best drawing games that your kids will definitely love to play with:

Wizard of Symbols

Based on the join the dots puzzle, Wizard of Symbols lets kids decode ancient symbols of magic connecting a series of dots using the mouse. There are two gameplay modes: Arcade and Description. There is no difference between the two, except that the Description mode will explain the meaning of the symbol after you have finished connecting the dots.

Wizard of Symbols Screenshot

While the “join the dots” puzzle is quite interesting, you may ask what’s so challenging about this game. Well, you will have to connect the dots correctly before the hourglass timer runs out. With each stage, the difficulty level increases, making it quite challenging for the player to complete the symbol within the set time.

The visuals in Wizards of Symbol are impressive. The mouse pointer changes to a medieval quill pen, which helps connecting the dots of a symbol drawn on an old tattered ancient book. The hourglass animation is wonderful. Overall, a fun game which may be quite impressive for those who are looking for free drawing games with join the dots type of puzzle mechanics.

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Magic Pen

Magic Pen - One of the Best Free Online Drawing Games

You may call this a stripped-down online version of Max and the Magic Marker because of the gameplay mechanics. Magic Pen uses a physics engine that breathes in life to whatever object drawn on the canvas. In fact, there are very few free drawing games online that use a physics engine.

The main objective is to accelerate and move the ball close to the red flag. To move the ball, you will have to draw objects that will push the ball close to the flag. Example: Draw a circle in mid-air close to the red ball, and the circle will drop and push and accelerate the ball to move it closer towards the flag. The difficulty level increases with new levels, compelling you to devise even more complicated objects to push the ball.

In Magic Pen, you draw a variety of complex objects and may even join those using pins and hinges. The game has a detailed tutorial that will explain how to attach pins and hinges. The game also provides a walkthrough in case you are stuck up on a difficult level. With excellent visuals that look just like a kid’s art book, Magic Pen is one of the best free online drawing games for children.

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Paint Wars

Paint Wars

Kids love to mess up with paints to create a masterpiece of their own. They splash colors on the canvas and voila, a new art is born. Well, Paint Wars lets your kid draw objects and spill some paint by clicking on tiny little tanks and airplanes that try to disrupt his painting. The main objective of the game is to draw along the white lines with the help of the mouse. However, the game throws in a challenge by unleashing tiny tanks and planes that disrupt the painting. You will have to keep them off the white lines by clicking and destroying them.

Clicking on these tanks and planes spills in more paint, creating a vibrant artwork on the virtual canvas. The game is unique amidst other online drawing games, entertaining and a must-play as it improves the hand-eye coordination and provides a virtual canvas for your kids to learn drawing and painting.

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SketchPad DX

SketchPad DX - Free Drawing Games Online

SketchPad is one of the most popular free drawing games for kids on the Internet. DX has two modes, a free drawing mode and an arcade mode. Free drawing mode is just like Paint. Arcade mode lets you draw objects by moving your mouse pointer over the outline of an object. A pencil tool is the weapon of choice here, but make sure you don’t miss the outline, else the accuracy meter on the top-right corner of the screen won’t show 100 percent.

SketchPad DX is plain drawing tool that throws in some challenges to improve drawing skills. The Arcade mode has only a pencil tool with varying thickness levels and some color options to make the outline more colorful.

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Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist Screenshot

Tattoo Artist is one of the best free online drawing games for teens and grownups and is one of the most played games on the Internet. It is a great way to experience the joys of tattoo designing online, but without making customers angry for your mistakes. Tattoo Artist is an online tattoo designing simulation game where you play the role of a tattoo designer wielding a tattoo machine.

The objective is to draw tattoo on the customer’s arm by moving your mouse over a tattoo design outline. The tattoo machine works and behaves exactly like the real one. You won’t be able to hold on for long as the pain meter quickly warns you that the customer is writing with pain due to the needle piercing his skin. Also, the machine shakes exactly like the original tattoo machine sometimes. Moreover, you will have to move the mouse along the outline. A slight miss may result in customer satisfaction level meter to go down. The more you miss the outline, the more the chances of losing your job. You will also have to paint the tattoo with different colors, which makes the game much more challenging and interesting.

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