Guide to the Farmville Garden Shed and Farmville Workshop

Guide to the Farmville Garden Shed and Farmville Workshop
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Farmville by Zynga is an extremely popular game that is played through social networking websites such as Facebook. Farmville has over 65 million active users each month that tend to their farms, harvest crops, trees, take care of their animals, and share Farmville gifts with their friends and neighbors.

This is a highly addictive game that has users of all ages checking online multiple times each day to tend to matters on their farm, and to also share with their friends gifts each day (users are able to send gifts to friends every 6 hours). With all of the ribbons, mastery levels, and levels for players to earn, it is a fun addiction that many enjoy in between doing regular everyday tasks.

Farmville Garden Shed

Farmville buildings can vary from being used as storage (such as the different types of barns), storage areas for animals (such as the chicken coop, pig pen, horse stable, nursery, turkey roost, dairy farm, etc), homes that you can place on your lot for decoration, crafting buildings (such as the Farmville Spa), and other items and buildings that are released for limited amounts of time.

The Farmville garden shed is a building that is available for purchase from the market for 30,000 Farmville coins or 30 Farmville cash. This building is only available for purchase with coins for players that have at least ten Farmville neighbors. Don’t have enough neighbors? Find out how to get more Farmville neighbors! It may be purchased by anyone, even if they have fewer than ten neighbors, if they purchase it with Farmville Cash.

The shed takes up a 4x2 space and is able to store 100 perfect bunches of flowers that are harvested from your farm. After you purchase the shed, it comes with 10 flowers (usually 5 Pink Hibiscus and 5 Lavender).

If you happen to get some perfect bunches of flowers from a Farmville neighbor of yours that is sharing some flowers, those will show up in your Farmville Gift Box. These perfect bunches of flowers that can be stored in the Farmville garden shed are able to be placed on your farm and will live for a certain number of days before wilting.

If after you purchased the shed you decide you no longer want it on your farm, you are able to sell it for 1,500 Farmville coins.

Farmville Workshop

Farmville Workshop

The Farmville workshop is one of the buildings that doesn’t really serve much of a purpose besides giving the user experience points and looking pretty sitting on the player’s farm. The Farmville workshop is able to be purchased from the Market when a player reaches level 15 and pays 30,000 Farmville coins for it. It takes up a 6x3 space on the player’s farm.

After it is purchased and placed on the farm, the player receives 300 experience points. If the user decides they do not want the Farmville workshop any longer, they are able to sell it for 1,500 coins.