Beginner’s Guide to Farmville by Zynga

Beginner’s Guide to Farmville by Zynga
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Farmville by Zynga is just one of the popular games that are played through social networking websites such as Facebook. Other games available by Zynga for Facebook include: Blackjack, Café World, Farmville, Fashion Wars, FishVille, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, PathWords, PetVille, Pirates, Poker Blitz, Scramble, Special Forces, Treasure Isle, Vampire Wars, WarStorm, WordTwist, YoVille, and Zynga Poker.

Farmville by Zynga

Farmville on Facebook started on July 19, 2009 and has over 65 million active users each month. If you use Facebook, be prepared to have family or friends add you to be a neighbor on their farm.

Even if you tried to stay away from it, you probably eventually broke down and decided to play it to see what it was all about. It is an addicting game that many users check on multiple times each day, if you have found yourself to be one of these, or perhaps want to know how to get started, this is the Farmville guide for you.

Getting Started with Farmville by Zynga

When you first select to start playing this game app, you will need to create your very own farmer avatar. You are able to choose the gender, facial features, and even change up their clothes (more are available to purchase once you make some money on your farm).

After making your avatar, the next logical step is to add neighbors to your farm. Many of your family and friends on Facebook probably already play it, so go ahead and send them invites to be your neighbor. You are able to visit your friend’s farm to help out with tasks and earn money for your farm. You are also able to send your friends a Farmville gift once every six hours.

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Next, you will want to start plowing your field and creating as many plowable plots as you can. Then, plant some seeds to earn some Farmville coins to later spend on items for your farm. When you plow and plant on your farm, you will also gain experience points to help you level up. Make sure to come back to your farm in the specified time on your seeds to harvest it before it withers. Harvesting it before it withers is where you earn the coins.

Then once you have some neighbors, coins, and some more levels, you should go ahead and expand your farm to be able to have a larger farm so you can add in more farming spots, places for animals, trees, and buildings.

Once you are level 25, you are able to start a spa, bakery, or winery. This is another area where you can gain lots of fuel from making products, and also selling those products to friends (who also use it for fuel). This is a big aid in helping your farm, and should be used as soon as possible.

Depending on how you like to play Farmville by Zynga, you can choose to have more animals, crops, trees, or a mixture of all three. Have fun earning ribbons, completing mastery levels, and gaining more levels and earning more coins!