Learn How to Get Ribbons in Frontierville

Learn How to Get Ribbons in Frontierville
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What are Frontierville Ribbons?

Ribbons are items in the Frontierville game required to complete certain tasks. Players will need ribbons to complete some parts of certain goals. There’s no way to avoid not using ribbons in the game, because progression relies on the completion of goals. Players can put off goals that require ribbon for a while, but eventually it will catch up to them.

Zynga has given players an easy way out in terms of ribbons, but for players without a lot of neighbors or with neighbors who don’t take the time to gift, it could be difficult to make it through the game.

How to Get Ribbons in Frontierville

There are three main ways to get ribbon in Frontierville:

  1. As a free gift from friends and neighbors who also play the game.
  2. As a reward for turning in the “Cotton Collection.”
  3. In the Market, under “Specials.”

For early players, the most effective way is to ask your friends and neighbors. It takes a while to be able to unlock and afford to plant cotton. It may also take several crops and harvests of cotton before you get all the items to complete the collection.

If you’ve built up a stash of horse shoes, or don’t mind paying for them with real money or by completing offers, you can buy one ribbon for four horseshoes in the market. Each time you do this, you also get 24 xp so it’s a nice little trick to help you level up, as well. Simply buying the ribbons from the market with horseshoes may be enough in the beginning, but as you progress through the game, you could easily go broke!

Where to Use Ribbons in Frontierville

ribbon in general store

Now that you know how to get ribbons in Frontierville, let’s take a closer look at where you’ll use them.

Ribbons are used in the General Store to craft presents with cloth. Each present will require two ribbons and five cloth. Presents are used to work toward getting married, and in the birthday mission.

Ribbons are also used in the General Store to craft fine clothes. Each set of fine clothes requires two ribbons and two clothes. You craft clothes using cloth and coins in the Cabin. You’ll need fine clothes to get married. You will also need fine clothes to send your child to school.

The bulk of the ribbons will be used to complete lessons in the school house. There are many different lessons to choose from, each requiring a certain number of ribbons to enroll. Once enrolled, you’ll need other items such as: spitballs, ink wells, ink pens, slates, and chalk to complete the lessons. Once the lessons are completed, you’ll earn the particular bonus and won’t have to worry about completing the lesson again.

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