Facebook Games: FrontierVille Review - The Wild West On Facebook

Facebook Games: FrontierVille Review - The Wild West On Facebook
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Frontierville Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Zynga brings the wild west to life on Facebook with their new game Frontierville. Like Farmville, crops play a role in the game but there is much more to the game than mere farming. Player build their own town, clear land, and battle critters that popup from time to time as you work. Quests play a role in the game and eventually a “potential spouse” will send you mail and after you complete quests you will get married. You can then grow your town, settle down, and raise a family in the wild west of Frontierville. The game features a whole host of different collections you can acquire for rewards and items to make that help you progress through the game.

Setting Up Your Frontierville (4 out of 5)

You start the game with just your wagon and a plot of land surrounded by rocks, trees, and grasses along with a few crops. Your goal is to clear the land and set up your cabin, the first of your town’s buildings. Your town can support various animals and even fruit trees. As you work in your town, occassionally critters such a bear or snake will popup after you cut down a tree for example, forcing you to stop work as you battle them off your land. Working the land also yields reward items, cash, food, and experience points towards your next level.

It’s Hard Work in Frontierville (4 out of 5)

Like Zynga’s other new title Treasure Isle, Frontierville uses the “energy” system. While some may be annoyed at this design it actually works rather well. Energy is used to harvest crops and clear the land. As you complete these tasks you are rewarded with “food” as a loot item. This food acts like currency and in the game store you can use food to buy a meal and replenish your characters energy supply so you can continue to work. Once you energy is used up you will need to rest until the bar fills again or buy it from the store if you have extra food to spare. This system adds some strategy to the game since you can’t just go and harvest all your crops or clear the land non stop you need to think about how you go about so you have enough energy to complete your tasks.

Quests and Collections (4 out of 5)


These are quests in this game too that will require to complete tasks. For example you may need to clear a certain number of grass clumps, or plant so many crops. As you progress in the game you will even get quests and letters from a “potential spouse” and once you complete the tasks you can get married. This opens up new game play and you can even raise a family in your new town. Clearing the land and growing crops will also yield you collection items that you can trade in for rewards once you complete the collection.


Frontierville is still in the early stages but looks promising. As the game develops there should be new items and areas to explore. There’s a “rattlesnake” canyon that’s not implemented in the game yet which looks to be interesting. Be sure to check back as we look more into this game with guides and updates as it progresses.