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Facebook Game Review: Treasure Isle

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Treasure Isle is a treasure hunting and island building game. Search islands for treasure and use your coins to build up your own island paradise. Grow fruit to restore your energy levels so you can continue treasure seeking.

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    Treasure Isle Game Basics

    Zynga Treasure Isle Zynga continues to release top Facebook games with titles such as Farmville, Fishville, and Mafia Wars already under its belt. Next for Zynga comes their treasure hunting game called Treasure Isle. This game features two game modes, the treasure hunting mode and the island building mode. When treasure hunting you explore small islands for loot collections, gold, fruit, and other items. Fruit helps to restore your energy levels so you can continue hunting for buried goodies. If you run out of energy you can’t continue to treasure seek until the bar restores so that’s when the island building comes into play. Your treasure seeker has an island that can be decorated and you can farm a few fruit plots. Collecting or growing fruit helps to restore your energy levels as you seek treasure.

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    Seeking Riches with Treasure Isle

    Tresaure Isle by Zynga At the heart of this game is the quest to seek treasure and explore. Once you create your character there are islands opened up for exploration. Treasure seeking is simply matter of moving your character to different tiles on the island and uncovering what is underneath. Your adventurer may get gold, fruit, treasure chests, gems or nothing. Gold obviously increases your coin count while fruit helps to restore your energy levels. Treasure chests will revel collection items and once you have a complete set you can trade them in for coin rewards and experience points. Gems are a specialty item that you can use on various statues around the islands you visit. Your treasure hunting adventures continue until you run out of energy but you can restore a portion of your energy bar with fruit you may have picked up during your treasure hunt. Fruit can be found in your backpack. It is a good idea to use any fruit you accumulate on the hunt your on since it is perishable. If your level is high enough you can pick any islands from your map to explore with other islands unlocking as you level up in the game. Once an island has been completely revealed you can’t go back to it and explore it again. Thankfully there are quite a few islands to seek treasure on with more being added to the game.

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    Your Own Island

    Tresaure Isle by Zynga If your energy bar is drained it’s a good time to go to your island and use some coins for decorating. Your energy will restore at a painfully slow rate so you don’t have anything else to do. On your island you can do several things such as farm some fruit, yes there is farming in this game it is Zynga after all. Farming is quite limited however with only a couple of farming spaces on your island to grow fruit. Once your fruit is ready you can consume it and replenish your energy bar to continue exploring. Your island also has a gem tree. In a twist you can also visit your friends islands and collect different colored gems. You can use these gems on statues as you explore the islands and you may also loot them on your adventures. Your island is customizable with various objects such as chairs, tables, decorative trees, animals, and surfboards. You can get a larger sized island if you have enough Facebook friends or game cash on hand.

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    Treasure Isle Interface Basics

    Tresaure Isle by Zynga As with other Zynga top Facebook games, Treasure Isle has a great interface that is easy to use. A the top left is your coin amount and game options such as sound. In the middle the amount of energy you have left, and the right contains your experience level. The middle portion of the screen features the game play area while the bottom features your Facebook friends if you have any. The main icons are to the left and are self explanatory with the map icon, pointer, store, backpack, shovel and treasure icons. Items for your island are only accessible from the game store when you are on your own island they won’t show up when your treasure hunting. You can move from treasure hunting to your island and back again via the pink button above the main interface icons at the lower right of your screen.

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    Treasure Isle is well on its way to becoming one of the best Facebook games. Zynga continues to march along with great games that are well suited to Facebook and have mass appeal. There are plenty of islands to explore in this game with more being added. The ability to decorate your own island as you treasure hunt gives you something to do when treasure hunting gets tiresome. Treasure Isle is a great game and a nice change from the Farmville style of Facebook gaming.