Complete Reference for FrontierVille

Complete Reference for FrontierVille
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A Word About the Game

FrontierVille is simulation and RPG hybrid which features elements resembling FarmVille, another social game by Zynga. The game was launched in 2010, and proved particularly popular because of the newly adopted “freemium” economic model, one which all Zynga games use. The game was then expanded to The Pioneer Trail, the current incarnation of the title, which includes some additions and further fine tuning by the developers.

FrontierVille plays much like any other Zynga game, purely in terms of gameplay mechanics, though the basic premise sees the player taking the role of a pioneer. The usual mix of building, trading and collecting makes the game as intuitive and appealing as FarmVille, a palatable choice for a wide demographic of players.

Bright Hub’s complete reference for FrontierVille provides both concise and detailed articles on all facets of the game, which should prove interesting for newcomers and experts alike. First, you might like to know about the game in more depth than what is covered by this bite-sized section: the following review should amply satisfy that quenching thirst for information. We also include an ultimate game guide and how to play the games on the Android platform.

Basics of Game Play

The three articles below should help players get started, as they explain game play concepts like energy-gathering, how to build in the game and what the purpose of each building is. Information on clearing land is also given, explaining how it can be rewarded with loot. Since land-clearing expends energy, gifts from neighbours and friends become as important as any other social game.

The article on building provides everything you need to know about building basics, such as costs and energy requirements for each type of building. The phases of construction and the ultimate bonuses provided by each building are also outlined, in as much detail as both beginning pioneers and the more seasoned Mountain man require.

A variety of general tips for the game are included in the final article, such as quest tips, help on how to gather energy for daily construction costs and a brief word on the Saltpeter character.

Ribbons, Gold and Cloth

Frontierville Ribbons

This section is useful to those who want to know about specific items, how to obtain them and what they are for. Ribbons, gold, and cloth are all essential to progressing in the game - by completing quests, undertaking your own crafting project (with cloth for instance) or meeting some specific goal. Most of these items require a bit of work, but with this collection of articles you should be quickly set to go.

Money makes the world go round, as we all know, so the article on how to earn gold in the game becomes particularly useful. There are a number of ways to do this in the game, like completing missions, trading collection-items, helping your friends and neighbours or collecting badges. The article lists them all, so the only thing you need to worry about is spending that hard-earned gold.

Game Guides

Social games, by their very nature, employ simpler designs and scopes than most other gaming genres - perhaps resembling early “collection games” like Pac-Man and Bomb Jack, though without the need for fast reflexes. For this reason, there is no need for a detailed walkthrough. Yet, you might find the following guides helpful if you aren’t familiar with the gameplay mechanics of FrontierVille.

The articles below offer information on how to plant and gather crops, how to replenish that all-important energy pool, the role of Saltpeter, badges and other aspects. You can also grow and feed livestock in the game, eventually resulting in some profit. Our guide should give you all the needed info on which animals are available.

Similar Games

Ravenwood Fair, Similar to Frontierville

Last in our complete reference for FrontierVille is a collection of articles about games with similar mechanics, similar gameplay and goals. You might also want to peruse the most played Farm games if you are looking for variation. The review of Ravenwood Fair is recommended for those who enjoy FrontierVille, yet are looking for a different game which resembles it. RewardVille features similar aspects like clearing forests, rocks, building structures, setting up decorations and much more.

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