How to Get Cloth in Frontierville - Game Secrets for Quests, Neighbors, And More

How to Get Cloth in Frontierville - Game Secrets for Quests, Neighbors, And  More
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The Basics of Pioneer Life

FrontierVille is an immensely popular 2D social role playing game with a unique mix of farming and building features. Players become courageous pioneers on a mission to establish their own frontier town and raise a family. There’s much more to the game than clearing the wilderness, battling annoying critters, and farming. Completing quests in order and crafting is equally important to advance. Many of the tasks will require pioneers to accumulate certain supplies as in real life these basic commodities are necessary. Cloth is an item that players will see repeatedly throughout the game in various quests and as sought after ingredient for crafting. Over a dozen missions list it as one of the requirements for completion. Entering the inventory tab will display how many pieces a player owns. Venturing inside a log cabin or general store located on your homestead shows this status along with the amount needed to craft specific items like clothes, presents, and fancy apparel.

Neighbors Lending a Helping Hand

visiting neighbor

Learning how to get cloth in Frontierville is essential. There are multiple methods to gather this precious material. The most common is through visiting neighbors. Every time a player visits a new neighbor they receive five cloths along with XP, coins and reputation points. Frequently adding friends and lending a hand at their farms can really pay off. When visiting try to tend to their cotton crops and sheep if they any. Bonus collector items randomly appear that can be traded in later. To find more friends to play with perform a Google search for add trains or check out Zynga’s forum. There are literally thousands of other people searching neighbors on the official message board. Browse the postings or submit your Facebook profile ID to be added. It’s an excellent way to increase a user’s number of friends quickly. Occasionally mystery gifts contain cloth as well. Send gifts to friends daily. Not only does it show you’re a devoted player but also a generous one. Pioneers that appreciate your kindness will often return the favor.

Trading-In Collections


Collections are another surefire method to acquiring pieces of cloth or clothing. Planting and harvesting cotton will produce collectibles in the form of a boil weevil, cotton gin, cotton seed, thread spool, and the yarn ball. The more you plant the higher the chances of completing the collection in a single harvest. It takes 3 days for this crop to grow so it’s best to plant a significant amount in order to make an impact. The reward for each cotton collection is five cloths and one ribbon. Ribbon is also a valuable item in Frontierville. The sheep and flax collections generate both. Harvest flax and tend to sheep livestock on the homestead to reap the rewards. The shower collection offers five cloths and is a great way to get more energy as well. Playing the game consistently and trading in collections will also speed up leveling in the process. Players receive various Accumulation Badges for turning in 10 or more collections. The additional experience combined with coin payout makes this alternative ideal.

  • Cotton Collection – 5 cloth, 1 ribbon
  • Shower Collection – 3 energy, 5 cloth
  • Tailor Shop Collection – 3 cloth, 100 coins
  • Sheep Collection – 3 cloth, 2 ribbons
  • Flax Collection – 4 ribbons, 2 cloth
  • Bear Collection – 1 clothing, animal ready boost
  • Cabin Collection – 2 clothing, free rocking chair

Other Game Tips & Hints

Crafting Workbench

There are hundreds of useful tips and tricks for conquering Zynga’s virtual wilderness. Tackling new Frontierville quests sometimes require players to stockpile essentials such cloth or ribbon. Sometimes completing certain missions reward pioneers in these materials as well. Accomplishing tasks like setting up the Trading Post, Barber Shop, or Goin’ to the Chapel of Love can earn extra supplies along with experience. Remember to keep your wishlist up-to-date with the hardest to acquire items listed in order of importance. If you’re having trouble collecting cloth than place it in the very first slot so friends will notice it. Add as many neighbors as possible and visit them often. This is a social RPG so always try to lean on friends for help when you can. Become a great neighbor by giving useful gifts. Most players will respond back. Seek out diligent pioneers that play on a consistent basis for specific requests. Plant and harvest the type of crops that will assist in reaching your town objectives. Each crop and most of the livestock have their own collection that can be traded in. Whether you’re new to the game or a regular player these strategies on how to get cloth in Frontierville can help accumulate large amounts with minimal effort. Players should definitely take advantage of their neighbors, collections, and the wishlist feature.


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