Frontierville Gold - How to Earn It and Where to Spend It

Frontierville Gold - How to Earn It and Where to Spend It
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How to Earn Gold in Frontierville

Being a pioneer is tough business, even in the social game of Frontierville on Facebook.

By completing tasks in Frontierville, and you can earn gold which can then be used to purchase items in the Frontierville market. The amount of gold, you can earn varies depending on the mission or task you complete.

Completing Missions

Goals or missions are one of the easiest ways to earn gold in Frontierville. They are currently hundreds of goals and missions throughout the game to complete, all with varying levels of difficulty and reward. From the very first time you start in Frontierville, you can earn gold coin. The Tend your Homestead mission, which requires you to harvest three tomatoes and feed three chickens, will earn you 50 gold coins to get you started on getting your homestead into tip-top shape .

As you progress in the game and have built up your Homestead, missions become more difficult. However, rewards also become more lucrative. Sharing completed missions with your friends in Frontierville can also earn you claim. For example, by completing the Get Married Goal (stage I), you do not earn any gold coins for completing the mission however, if you share your progress with friends, you can earn 100 gold coins.

Trading in Collections for Gold Coins

frontier collections

With 110 collections in the game of Frontierville, only six currently offer going rewards in trade for the hard work of your pioneers on their Homestead. .

The collections that will earn you gold coins include:

  • Apricot Collection - earned by harvesting and watering apricot trees - 3000 coin reward
  • Flower Shop Collection – earned by collecting the daily bonus from your flower shop – 50 coin reward
  • School Collection – earned by collecting the daily bonus for your schoolhouse – 3500 coin reward
  • Tailor Shop Collection – earned by collecting the daily bonus from your tailor shop – 100 coin reward
  • Tomato Collection – earned by harvesting and watering tomato plants – 500 coin reward
  • Trading Post Collection – earned by trading in the trading Post – 1000 coin reward

Completing these collections offers multiple rewards while playing Frontierville. Not only do you warn the coins listed above, but the same items can be used as part of the various Goals that come up during gameplay.

Be sure to keep an eye on the News Feed of your Frontierville friends on Facebook. When they share completed collections, you can earn bonus gold coins from them, too.

Golden Rewards For Earning Badges

Frontierville offers a variety of merit badges for completing various tasks during gameplay.

27 of the 155 badges currently available to players will earn you gold coins. With four levels within each category of badges, you can easily show off your hard work around the homestead, and build up your funds so you can improve your homestead and gain experience points.

Some of the ways you can earn badges and bonus gold coins are:

  • clicking bonus items
  • clobbering varmints
  • spending energy around your homestead
  • decorating your cabin
  • harvesting a variety of crops in 1 day
  • getting help from neighbors

Helping Neighbors

One of the most attractive aspects of playing Frontierville is playing with your friends on Facebook.

By simply visiting neighbors, you can earn bonus coins, and tending to neighbor crops, animals, debris and other tasks around their homestead can also earn you gold coins.

Completing the following tasks for your neighbors will earn you bonus gold coins:

  • tending animals
  • harvesting crops
  • harvesting fruit trees
  • chopping down trees
  • clobbering varmints
  • clearing debris (grass, wildflowers, skulls, rocks)

Frontierville Neighbor News Feed

When your neighbors complete tasks or turn in collections and then share their achievements in their News Feed on Facebook, you can earn gold coins, too.

Here are the different rewards you can earn by keeping an eye on how your friends are progressing through the game:


Task Neighbor Must Complete - Sharing Bonus You Earn


  • Trade in any collection - 100 coins
  • Send a Light Snack to your neighbor - 10 coins
  • Finds a lost sheep - 100 coins
  • Finishes decorating their Cabin - 100 coins
  • Make Progress goal - 100 coins
  • Clear Out The Grass goal - 100 coins
  • Do Family Chores goal - 100 coins
  • Get Ready for Baby goal - 100 coins
  • Clobber Groundhogs goal - 200 coins
  • Learning goal - 200 coins
  • Chicken Tender goal - 500 coins
  • Become a Master Farmer III goal - 500 coins
  • Found a Town I goal - 500 coins
  • Found a Town II goal - 1000 coins
  • Party on the 4th III goal - 250 coins
  • Expanding the Boundaries goal - 250 coins
  • Finish the Farm Chores goal - 500 coins
  • Huge Homestead Exploration goal - 100 coins
  • Get Huge! Goal - 200 coins
  • Finding the Weakness goal - 100 coins
  • Maybe It’s Time for a Giant Rabbit? goal - 100 coins
  • Vendettas & Varmints, Part I of II goal - 300 coins
  • Goin' to the Chapel of Love, Part III of IV goal - 50 coins
  • Pony Express, Part IV of V - 50 coins
  • Bess and Fanny, Part IV of V - 50 coins
  • The Great Tomato Race timed goal - 100 coins
  • Finkerton’s Detective Agency, Part V of V - 200 coins
  • Doghouse, Part II of V - 150 coins
  • April Holidays, Part II of V - 500 coins
  • Welcome Back, Part I of III - 100 coins
  • Canning Master, Part IV of IV - 5000 coins
  • Extra! Extra!, Part IV of IV - 100 coins
  • Give Neighbor Construction Material (brick, hammar, hand drill, nails, paint bucket) - 25 coins
  • Give Neighbor School Supplies (chalk, ink well, ink pen, slate spit ball) - 25 coins

How to Spend Your Hard-Earned Gold

frontier market

Now that you’ve earned yourself some gold it time to spend it in the Frontierville market .

Clicking on the market tab in the Frontierville menu will bring up a marketplace with a variety of items to purchase with your gold in the following categories:

  • Special
  • Crops
  • Trees
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Decorations (including Limited Edition items)
  • Energy

Don’t worry about spending all your money in one place. Frontierville offers 4 badges that reward you for buying items in the Market:

  • Sufficient Spender Badge - spend 10,000 Coins to earn
  • Super Spender Badge spend 100,000 Coins to earn
  • Sophisticated Spender Badge - spend 1,000,000 Coins to earn
  • Stunning Spender Badge - spend 10,000,000 Coins to earn

Enjoying the Frontierville Experience

The only way to progress in the game of Frontierville is to complete various tasks and goals, but don’t think you won’t be rewarded for your hard work. Frontierville offers a variety of ways to not only earn gold coins, but an entire marketplace full of fun and exciting ways to spend them.