5 Most Played Facebook Farm Games

5 Most Played Facebook Farm Games
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FarmVille has been in the lead for a long time, and it doesn’t appear to be falling by much. If any other farm game has a chance of catching FarmVille, it will be Frontierville. FarmVille is developed by the popular Zynga. In this game, you can plant crops and harvest them, buy animals and harvest them, buy trees and harvest them. Outside of the buying and harvesting, you also have missions to complete, or goals. You can purchase things like mansions and horse stables and build them. It takes time, money, and nice friends to help you complete these goals. If you don’t have the cash to buy these items, you will have to depend on friends to send them to you. FarmVille is a very addicting game, and Zynga is always adding something new. As of right now, FarmVille has over 53 million users. So, this is the number one Facebook Farm Game.



There is a lot of hype about FrontierVille. It is the quickest climbing game put out by Zynga on Facebook. In FrontierVille, you have to keep your trees chopped, keep pesty animals out of your frontier, grow crops and harvest them, and build things like school houses along the way. Everything you do in FrontierVille will help you along the way with some other goal. So, FrontierVille is more of a strategy game, you must think ahead. As of right now, FrontierVille currently has almost 30 million players and it is quickly growing. So, it is quickly becoming the front runner in Facebook farm games.

Treasure Isle


The next top farm game in this guide is Treasure Isle. Though it is a long way from the top two games listed in this guide, it is a fairly popular game. As time goes on, Treasure isle seems to get better. The developers seem to add more and more to the game with time. On this Farm game, you can switch between scenes. You can visit your island home where you can grow your crops. You can visit your islands where you can dig for treasures. You can also visit your volcano islands where you can dig for treasures. This game is also very addicting and quickly climbing to the top. At this time, there are close to 13 million users playing Treasure Isle. Treasure Isle is also developed by Zynga.

Farm Town


Next on the list of top 5 Facebook farm games is Farm Town. Being one of the first farm games to pop up on Facebook, it was a really great game, and it seemed every one was addicted. Over time, users have moved from Farm Town to FarmVille and FrontierVille. As of right now, Farm Town only has little over 4 million users. They use to have a lot more than that. Farm Town is a game where crops is the most important thing. Without crops, you can’t do much. The crops are used to grow, build, and make things. You can also hire people to work for you which makes it an interaction game.

Country Life


Country Life is number five on the list. It was a big hit when it first came out, but it didn’t seem to advance any. The developers do not strive to bring in new things. In this game, you grow crops to feed your animals and make things. You harvest your animals to make things as well. Though it is not at the top of the Facebook Farm Games list, it is a pretty good one.