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FrontierVille Buildings Guide

by: Jaime Skelton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Not sure what you need to build a barn? Wondering what's so special about a school house? Want extra bonuses every day? This FrontierVille guide will give you the tricks and tips you need to build every building on the frontier, from Cabins to Sawmills!

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    FrontierVille Buildings: The Basics

    More than just decorations that turn a frontier property into a homey little town, FrontierVille buildings are functional, offering the player daily bonuses, collections, and crafting workbenches (with a few special exceptions). Buildings are special in that they require the help of neighbors to build - both in requiring a certain number of neighbors to start building, and in neighbors being required to send building materials as gifts to help complete the building (wood from chopping down trees is also required). There are eight buildings in total, and generally speaking, there is only need for one of each kind of building on the property. However, multiple can be built, to a limit of five per building type.

    The construction of the building takes part in three phases. First, players buy the framework in the in Marketplace and place it on their property. Second, players "whack" the building several times until the framework is complete. Finally, players use the building materials sent by friends to "finish" the building and complete it. After a building is complete, it can be customized with several different looks and colors.

    A special note: most buildings have goals associated with their construction. Due to the nature of FrontierVille's goal system, it is best to wait to build a new building until you receive the associated goal.

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    Cabin Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 4 Wood
    • Neighbors: 0
    • Total Wood Required: 46
    • Number of Whacks: 7 (6 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 1 of each

    Crafting Workbench

    • Clothes (6 Cloth + 500 coins)
    • Fireworks (1 Saltpeter + 5 Fire)

    The cabin is the 'home' of the frontier, and is required for three quests: Start Building Your Cabin (buy and whack 7 times), Finish the Cabin (finish completing the cabin), and Customize Your Cabin (customize the cabin's look). The cabin's daily bonus offers players 10 wood.

    The cabin collection includes Candlestick, Skillet, Fireplace Tool, Stove, and Welcome Mat; it rewards 2 Clothes and a Rocking Chair.

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    General Store

    General Store Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 1000 coins, 15 Wood
    • Neighbors: 5
    • Total Wood Required: 79
    • Number of Whacks: 16 (4 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 3 of each

    Crafting Workbench

    • Present (2 Ribbon + 5 Cloth)
    • Fancy Clothing (2 Ribbon + 2 Clothes)

    The general store is required for one quest, Get Married - Part 2: Build Up (build a general store). The daily bonus rewards 150 coins.

    The general store collection consists of Desk Bell, Old Book, Cash Register, Grain Sack, and Receipt. It rewards 2 Tools and 50 wood.

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    Barn Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 2500 coins, 12 wood
    • Neighbors: 7
    • Total Wood Required: 92
    • Number of Whacks: 20 (4 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 4 of each

    Crafting Workbench

    • Sawhorse (5 Planks + 2 Tools)
    • Crib (5 Ribbons + 2 Sawhorses)

    Your animals' "home," the barn is required for two goals, Prepare to Build a Crib (build a barn) and Punish Misbehavior in Class (collect 2 Barn daily bonuses). The barn's daily bonus is 15 food.

    The barn collection includes Salt Lick, Lantern, Milk Jug, Feed Pan, and Hay Hook; it rewards one Sawhorse and an Animal Ready Boost (readies all animals on the frontier for collection).

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    School House

    School House Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 5,000 coins, 22 Wood
    • Neighbors: 9
    • Total Wood Required: 172
    • Number of Whacks: 30 (5 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 8 of each

    Unlike other buildings, the School House does not have a Crafting Workbench. Instead, it has "lessons" which the player learns one time only. These lessons are permanent boosts to various tasks around the farm. Each lesson requires school supplies (Chalk, Ink, Quill Pen, Slate, and Spitball) and ribbons to complete as well as food or coins.

    These lessons are:

    • Show and Tell: A 10% greater chance at getting collectibles. Requires 1 of each school supply.
    • Yardwork: A 10% greater chance that the 1 Energy bonus from clearing will appear. Requires 100 Food, 2 ribbons, 2 of each school supply.
    • Woodcutting: An extra 25% more Wood when cutting down Trees. Requires 150 Food, 4 Ribbons, 5 of each school supply.
    • Rithmatic: A 5% discount at the Market. Requires 1000 Coins, 6 Ribbons, 5 of each school supply.
    • Recess: An increase of 2 Energy to the maximum Energy Level. Requires 2500 Coins, 10 Ribbons, 8 of each school supply.
    • Husbandry: A 50% increase in the Coins from feeding Animals. Requires 300 Food, 10 Ribbons, 8 of each school supply.
    • Sharecropping: An extra 1 XP for helping Neighbor's Crops. Requires 10,000 Coins, 12 Ribbons, 10 of each school supply.
    • Innkeeping: An extra 1 Neighbor is allowed to visit the Homestead at one time. Requires 400 Food, 12 Ribbons, 10 of each school supply.
    • Irrigation: A 20% increase in the Coins from harvesting Crops. Requires 50,000 Coins, 15 Ribbons, 12 of each school supply.
    • Harvesting: An extra 1 XP from harvesting any Crop. Requires 100,000 Coins, 20 Ribbons, 15 of each school supply.

    The school becomes available after the player has had a child, and is required for Learning (buy and finish a school), Get Ready for the Schoolmarm (collect the daily bonus seven times), and First Day of School (buy one lesson from the school house). The school house's daily bonus gives 25 XP.

    The school house collection consists of Eraser, Lunchbox, Pencil, Paper, and Ruler; it rewards 3500 coins.

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    Inn Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 10,000 coins, 25 Wood
    • Neighbors: 11
    • Total Wood Required: 226
    • Number of Whacks: 33 (7 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 10 of each

    Crafting Workbench

    • Batter (20 food + 900 coins)
    • Cake (4 Fire + 4 Batters)

    The inn is a cozy place to stay and eat. Two goals require the Inn; Get Ready to Bake 2 (buy and finish an inn) and Found a Town 1 (customize the Inn). The inn rewards 3 energy as its daily bonus.

    The inn collection includes Basket, Coffee Cup, Dinner Plate, Linen, and Pillow; it rewards 1 Horseshoe.

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    Covered Wagon

    Covered Wagon Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 5,000 coins, 8 wood
    • Neighbors: 0
    • Total Wood Required: 0
    • Number of Whacks: 0
    • Building Materials: 0

    Crafting Workbench

    • Plank (7 wood + 250 coins)
    • Fire (7 wood + 5 Cloth)

    Players receive one covered wagon for free at the start of the game, but another will later be required by the goal Get Ready for the Schoolmarm. The cabin's daily bonus gives 5 food.

    The covered wagon collection consists of Brake Lever, Seat, Wagon Wheel, Yoke, and Wagon Tongue; it rewards 2 Planks and 2 Fire.

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    Chicken Coop

    Chicken Coop Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 20,000 coins, 30 wood
    • Neighbors: 13
    • Total Wood Required: 294
    • Number of Whacks: 33 (8 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 15 of each

    Crafting Workbench

    • Comforter (1 Downy Feather + 15 Cloth)

    The chicken coop has a special mechanic: once a day, you can click on it to feed all of your chickens at once. As multiple chicken coops can be built, it's encouraged to do so to be able to collect multiple times from chickens. Many players also buy extra chickens when they get a chicken coop. The coop is required for the goal Build a Chicken Coop.

    The chicken coop collection includes White Egg, Brown Egg, Spotted Egg, White Feather, and Brown Feather. Completing the collection rewards 1 Downy Feather and 50 food.

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    Sawmill Building Requirements

    • Initial Cost: 30,000 coins, 40 wood
    • Neighbors: 15
    • Total Wood Required: 440 wood
    • Number of Whacks: 40 (10 wood each)
    • Building Materials: 20 of each

    Crafting Workbench

    • Furnishings (4 Sawhorses + 4 Tools)
    • Feather Bed (1 Furnishing + 2 Pillows)

    Required for the Build a Sawmill goal, the sawmill has a special daily bonus for players: for each lumber tree on the property, the player will receive 1 wood (for example, 50 trees will reward 50 wood). Like chicken coops, sawmills can be made in multiple quantities, which is encouraged for gathering wood.

    The sawmill collection Bandsaw Blade, Sawdust, Logging Chain, Scrap Lumber, and Circular Saw Blade. Completing the collection adds 1 energy to a player's maximum energy bar permanently.

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