Facebook Games: Frontierville Game Guide - The Old West Comes To Facebook

Facebook Games: Frontierville Game Guide - The Old West Comes To Facebook
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Frontierville Basics

When you start off in this game it will be just you, a wagon, a plot of land and a few crops.Your job is to clear the land to make room to expand your crops and put up some town buildings. Along the way you can do some quests till eventually a “potential spouse” writes you a letter and you can then get married. After your spouse joins you on the farm you can then raise children. You can earn experience and coins by doing tasks such as farming, removing rocks, trees, and shrubs from your farm. Critters such as bears, snakes, and gophers will pop up from time to time as you clear the land and make trouble for you.

The Energy System in Frontierville

Like Zynga’s other new title Treasure Isle, Frontierville features an energy system. It takes energy to harvest crops, remove rocks, tress, shrubs, and feed animals. Once this energy is depleted you need more to continue work. This concept works great because it adds strategy to the game. You have to plan what you want to do each time you play. More energy is available in the form of “food” which you can buy in the game store and some will occasionally drop as loot as your working the land, feeding animals along with other activities. Some people might not like this system but it works in this game because you feel like your doing hard work on the land like frontier pioneer.

Planting Crops


Your crops have the same sort of decay as those found in Farmville so plant wisely. When you seeds the ground it won’t cost you any energy but harvesting the crops will. Be sure not to plant too many crops or you will run out of energy and can’t harvest the remainder of them. As you harvest you will get food, coins, experience and even loot items. A gopher may pop up to annoy you and you will have to take care of him.

The West is Alive With Critters!

In the game you have critters that will come and interrupt your frontier life. Gophers, snakes and bears will attack you on the land. They will turn the surrounding area red which will cost more energy as you work the infected land. To counter this you can hit the animal and after several attempts it will disappear leaving some loot and coins behind for you. Thankfully they don’t pop up all the time but be sure to have some extra energy to deal with them.

Clearing Land


One task you will do a lot of is land clearing. Your property is full of shrubs, rocks, skulls, trees, grasses, and flowers. It will cost one energy to remove one of these objects. Trees will take several tries as you chop them down.You may also get loot collection items that you can turn in for rewards one you have a complete set. Your land will continue to grow new items for you to clear. Be sure you have enough energy for harvesting any crops you might have after you clear some land.



The game features quests that you can do. You can’t chose which ones to do they appear from time to time to the left of the screen. Once you do enough of them you will get a quest to build a general store. After you have your store you will get married and raise a family to expand your growing town. You can also visit your Facebook friends and to tasks on their land such as feeding their animals. If you don’t have any Facebook friends playing you can visit Jack the one additional neighbor that is provided for you.

Game Collections

The game features many different collections to complete. You can get items for these collections by working the land, harvesting, feeding animals and so on. Once you have a full collection you can open your inventory and turn the collection in for rewards. Many of the reward items will be used to help build your town’s structures or you may get free animals or experience. You can send your extra collection items to your friends so they can complete each one too.

Town Buildings

Any buildings you have will offer a bonus each day and will also allow you to craft certain items. For example the wagon can make planks and fire. Many crafting items are used to finish the construction of other buildings. You can also customize buildings with different colors, roofs, chimneys, and walls. The first building you will construct is your cabin.

Game Store

In the store you can buy seeds, buildings, get food for energy, and buy decorations like fences, hay or other items for your town. The buildings need for your town cost “horseshoes” or you need a certain number of neighbors. With each game level you will get one free horseshoe to spend however you wish. Unless you plan to have many friends playing or have money to spend it will be quite some time before you have nay buildings on your land.


Frontierville is new and it continues to grow and add more content. Look for more in depth guides as Zynga adds more content. Frontierville is well worth playing and one of their best new releases this year.