Games Like Frontierville: Ravenwood Fair Facebook Game Review

Games Like Frontierville: Ravenwood Fair Facebook Game Review
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Ravenwood Fair Basics (4 out of 5)

If you have been looking for games like Frontierville on Facebook you’ll like Ravenwood Fair. This game follows the same basic concepts of Frontierville except your building a fair and not an old west torn. You won’t find any farming aspects to the game but you do get to clear forests and rocks in a Frontierville like fashion. The whole concept of Ravenwood Fair is to clear the dark and spooky forest so you can build a fun fair for your animal guests. You’ll have to protect them with special structures from being scared in the forest and sometimes fight off creatures that may threaten your fair. Players collect coins and loot items from harvesting trees that can be used to build the various structures such as games for the fair. The fair can be decorated with various items and quests can be taken too.

Clearing The Forest (4 out of 5)

Ravenwood Fair

Making a space for your fair is an easy process but the forest is large and grows back so you’ll always be harvesting something. As you harvest you’ll gain coins, experience and loot items which can be used in the construction of your buildings. Clearing the forest also uses energy much like Frontierville does. You can buy energy in the store or wait for it to replenish. You’ll also harvest mushrooms which can be eaten for energy. Clearing the forest is a slow process and you’ll use up your energy quickly.

Structures and Decorations (4 out of 5)

The game has several structures you can buy such as games for your guests. These games take loot items which you’ll pick up as you harvest trees. Some loot items can be acquired by completing quests that popup as you play the game. You can build structures such as homes which will help to increase your profits as well as food stands. Other structures include protectors which help keep your guests from being scared in the game. All structures and protectors must be restocked or charged periodically so they become useful again. A few wonders can be built to increase the fun levels of your guests by a significant amount. The game has many decorations including trees, hedges, lawns, stone paths, and other items to get your fair looking nice.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Ravenwood Fair is a nice concept and the game is quite fun to play. The constant chopping of tress can get a little repetitive and there’s nothing else to do like farming. The game is in a very early stage so new items and game play elements should be added soon. The game also needs more structures to build since the selection is a little limited right now. The graphics are nice in the game and there’s no noticeable slow downs on the Chrome browser I used. If you like games like Frontierville and want something new to play I would give Ravenwood Fair a try.