Six Gun Galaxy Galaxy - Combat Guide

Six Gun Galaxy Galaxy - Combat Guide
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The fastest way to advance in Six Gun Galaxy is by defeating rivals. Besting your rival grants you the most experience, respect points, and some cash.

In this Six Gun Galaxy rivals guide, you will learn how to be competitive with the best of them. Shoot your way to the top with your trusty teammates, without dropping a lot of cash in the process.

Choosing the Best Characters

Best Characters

Choosing the best characters is vital to your success in this game. Most of the starting characters should be replaced as soon as possible. They tend to have a lot of useless abilities compared to the hired guns. These companions can be purchased for Coin, Platinum, and Respect points.

Corben McClain

Corben is the best character that can be purchased for Coin. He is also the most expensive. McClain is a very offensive character, and most of his abilities are attacks. Another bonus is that he has a stun. Stuns are the key to many victories. He also has very high health agility that helps him avoid damage, and very powerful attacks. You will definitely want to save your Coin for this character.

Emma Holiday

Emma Holiday brings a few powerful damage dealing abilities along with some heals. This character costs 40 Platinum, which is not hard to obtain since you gain one Platinum every time you level up. Unlike Jake, whose stun ability deals 50 percent of the character’s base damage, Emma’s stun attack does 100 percent. Her Refresh ability, which heals 20 health each round, is nearly useless at this point. To get the best results out of her, you will want to place her in the number one slot. This will give you complete control over which abilities she will use.

Lens-Flare Lenny

The best of the best, this character is a power house of damage. The cost for the character is 100 Platinum. Lenny is for those willing to invest a few dollars in the game. Among a plethora of devastating attacks, he also brings another stun to the table. If you are starting to notice a trend by now, stuns are very powerful. This character has the highest agility and vitality. Combine this with some good modifications and equipment, and Lenny will be very difficult to kill.

White Dove

White Dove is a spell caster, feared by many for her very high damage output. This character only costs seven Platinum. Since you gain one platinum per level, this makes her very affordable early in the game. Her abilities include stuns, damage over time spells, and attacks that do a lot of damage which also cause the targeted player to take more damage for the next few rounds. The downside to this character early on is her health. With her vitality starting at 85, she has the lowest health of all the characters and requires a lot of high-end equipment and modifications to keep her alive. However, once she is geared up, she becomes one of the most feared characters in the game.



After character selection, modifications are the second most important aspect to ensure victory over your rival. Modifications boost your character’s offense, and defense much higher than any equipment can, as the number of mods you can have raises with each level even though the number of equipment slots stays the same. In the net part of the Six Gun Galaxy rivals guide, we will cover several ways to get modifications.

Early Modifications

When you start out, cash is low and harder to come by. When purchasing your first few modifications, you will want to stick to the plus-two attack or defense mods. Filling up on these early on is very important to keep you advancing through content without any frustration. These mods are cheap and effective.

Intermediate Modifications

By now, you should have a nice amount of cash saved up. It is still too early to be going after the higher end modifications, as the cost for one could buy you several lower mods. This will help all your characters, instead of just the one. The best ones to choose here are Texas Twist, Sheriff’s Angle, Zombie Apocalypse, and Cyber Warefare. These modifications are relatively cheap and give a great bonus to both attack and defend.

Finding Modifications

Several modifications can be attained through questing, bosses, and random creatures throughout the game. One of the first encounters you will have that will reward a mod is Warmonger. Found early on in the game, this guy gives you one or more of the intermediate to beginner modifications, and can be killed repeatedly for a chance at more.

Another place that has a chance to give modifications is the wishing well in Beach Front Town. For the cost of two energy and one gold coin, which can be found through questing or attained from other players as gifts, you have the chance for a box with random items in them. Some of the items can be well worth it, so send your friends Coin or request that they send you some.

Hell’s Gate has two Zombie Hulk clones that will reward great modifications for your first kills. They have a low chance at dropping more after the first kill, but the amount of cash they give is not worth the amount of energy required - in addition to needing a medkit each time. Once you are at this stage, you are better off fighting The Grotesque in Dr. Gordian’s Experimental Tower for Coin. Each kill should reward anywhere from $1000 to $2000, along with a chance for items.

Completing all of the quests on Mystic Island also grants some great modifications. The quest requires two energy and three mushrooms each time. To complete them all, you will need a lot of Mystic Mushrooms - so start stocking up early on. In the end, the pay off is well worth the effort.


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