Six Gun Galaxy - Tackling Devastated City

Six Gun Galaxy - Tackling Devastated City
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Devastated City is the first major roadblock for many players. The number of items required to complete these quests is enormous. The gear required to defeat The Grotesque at the very top of the tower is expensive. This guide will help you through these quests by giving some tips on how to earn cash, gather items, and more.

Generating Income

Generating Income

Gear in Six Gun Galaxy looks expensive at first due to the low amount of starting cash and the pay out low level buildings give. To overcome this, it is advisable that you create hotels as soon as possible. The upside to hotels are their higher payouts. They also have the benefit of you only having to collect them every 24 hours. With the other buildings, you will find yourself having to log in regularly to obtain the full amount compared to hotels.

Another benefit of hotels is the amount of stamina needed to rob them is high. This will save you from being robbed by lower level players, protecting your investments. Without having to worry about robberies, you are free to save cash and buy the higher end gear and modifications necessary to complete the quests in Devastated City.

Gathering Items

Gathering Items

Many of the items needed to complete the quests in Devastated City are scattered around the Gulf Coast. Most of these item locations are found through previous questing early on, but can be easily forgotten. Items such as cloth, leather, dynamite, anti-venom, and more are easy to neglect. A lot of them can be requested as gifts from others, so take advantage of this as soon as possible.

Gathering leather is pretty easy, although it can be a little time consuming. It is best to get this out of the way early on. One of the best places to gather leather is at Lighthouse Point. Killing the wolves here will have a good chance of rewarding you with leather. Collect about 21 pieces before moving on to the next set of items.

Anti-venom is very easy to acquire if you remember on of the very first quests in the game. Travel to Homestead Village and visit the bottom left building that has “Get More Anti-Venom” above it. Just like the leather, you will want to gather about 21 vials of the anti-venom. Dynamite can be gathered from the barrel next to the jail on the very left.

Zombie legs, arms, brains and cloth can all be gathered from the same place. The zombies in Devastated City have a chance to reward any of the above. You can also find a good amount of cloth from the various piles of rubble scattered through out the city. These all require around 21 of each, so this part will be the most time consuming.

The Importance of Modifications


Unless you are willing to spend cash on Platinum, you will have to use cash to gear your fighters. Modifications are an important aspect of Six Gun Galaxy. Along with equipment, modifications can determine the winner of many battles. In order to defeat The Grotesque, you will need a lot of the proper modifications. We will cover some of the cheap but effective attack and defense modifications you should purchase.

Attack Mods:

Texas Twist: Attack 3, Defense 2, Cost $3100.

Sheriff’s Angle: Attack 5, Defense 3, Cost $5900.

Balance of Power: Attack 6, Defense 2, Cost $6600.

Defense Mods:

Lupine Interface: Attack 2, Defense 4, Cost $4100.

Zombie Apocalypse: Attack 3, Defense 5, Cost $6100.

Cyber Warfare: Attack 4, Defense 7, Cost $8700.

The main benefit of these modifications are that they are relatively cheap. They also provide a decent amount of both attack and defense. Balancing at your attack and defense will help you tackle The Grotesque. Acquiring these mods will be time consuming, depending on when you begin building your hotels.

Taking on The Grotesque

The Grotesque

Once you have finished all Dr. Gordian’s tasks you will meet him on the first floor of his Experimental Tower. After you speak with him, zombies will appear and you will be able to attack. These zombies drop key cards needed to get to the very top of the tower where The Grotesque resides.

By now your hotels should have granted quite a bit of money for gear and modifications. Now it is time to start buying some upgrades for all three of your characters to be able to survive the battle. You will also want to kill a lot of the zombies on the first floor to stock up on keycards. These zombies also give a nice amount of cash and can be killed easily by hitting the skip battle button.

Although you may be able to enter the Experimental Tower at earlier levels, you will not want to try to take on The Grotesque until all three of your characters are around level 30, have good gear, and plenty of modifications. There are five waves of zombies to tackle before taking on the giant. I would advise using a healer as your main character to keep your teammates alive until the end. By now you should be prepared, once you have defeated it, the reward is well worth the wait.


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  • Source: Author’s own experience