Six Gun Galaxy Review: Sci-fi Meets The West

Six Gun Galaxy Review: Sci-fi Meets The West
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KickNation, the makers of Age of Champions, has their second major release with the sci-fi turn-based shooter, Six Gun Galaxy. Review the storyline, gameplay, graphics, and customization for this new steampunk game on Facebook. With more experience and a larger team, see how this game fairs against the competitive Facebook game market.

Storyline (3 out of 5)


Six Gun Galaxy’s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world ruined by nuclear warfare. The idea is that after the war, the world is set back to the old days of the west. Without anyone to uphold law and order, gangs of bandits have taken control of territories. Supplies are limited and constantly battled over. This steampunk western includes weapons and biological enhancements that one would not find in the Old West.

The game starts with you building your own town. In order for it to thrive, you must create hotels, bars, factories, homes, and more. To avoid being robbed, you need allies that will help you fortify and protect your buildings. Then, after your initial construction, you are sent on your first mission to help a small outpost. Here you will begin your journey to make a name for yourself, and determine wether you want to be a hero or a villain.

In the beginning the story is very slow-moving. The intro to the game gives you a very different idea of what to expect. You would not expect to be doing menial tasks such as killing buffalo or scrounging for food. Eventually, it picks up as you hunt down wanted criminals. It may take awhile, but it starts to get a lot more interesting.

Graphics (5 out of 5)


Graphically, the game is very good. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of load times. Loading in Six Gun Galaxy can be very long depending on the number of buildings, units, foliage, and other little decorations. The graphics are very clean and not as cartoonish, which is rare for most Facebook games.

Compared to KickNation’s other game, Age of Champions, the developers have put in a lot more effort in the game visually. At the time of print, the game is still in beta, so there is hope that there will be some tweaking for faster load times. Other than that, for a browser-based game, it doesn’t get much better in regard to the amount of detail crammed in.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)


In the beginning, the gameplay is very repetitive and somewhat boring. After repeatedly running back and forth, talking to people over and over - finally there is some action. Six Gun Galaxy uses a turn-based combat system that works quite well for the genre. When engaged in combat, there is a selection screen for you to choose which attacks to use. As the game progresses you will gain new attacks and pick up new companions to assist you in battle.

Once you reach level ten, the game allows you to test your metal against others in head to head duels. With the Rivals button, you get access to other players in your level range. Here you can either have a shoot out against their crew or you can visit their town and try to rob their buildings.

The downside to the game is the energy based system. The energy goes much quicker than it does it most games. This causes a lot of downtime, with players sitting around waiting two minutes for each point of energy. Most skirmishes and quests require two points of energy, with a maximum amount of 12. With this in mind, a full bar can be spent very quickly. Each point of energy take two and a half minutes to recover, and this can lead to much frustration. Of course, you can buy energy with Platinum, but getting those requires spending money, doing free trials, surveys, and other things. I hope the maximum amount of energy raises later on. As it is now, this energy system is the biggest fault in the game.

Customization (5 out of 5)


Another great thing about the game is how much customization is allowed when building your town. You can choose from multiple buildings, positioning, and upgrades. You are given plenty of decorations, ranging from different types of roads, signs, trees, street lights, and more. Although the number of the decorations you can use is limited, it is high enough that most towns will look completely different.

The game allows great customization with a wide variety of weapons, apparel, companions, and attribute altering modifications from the in-game store or from quests. This is great as it adds variety and causes the player’s character and companions to be unique.

Overall Rating (4 out of 5)

To wrap up this Six Gun Galaxy review, I would say the game is good, but not excellent. If the energy system is ever altered to allow the user more actions, and load times were looked at, the game would be great. Those are my only two gripes. The game is still very enjoyable - just do not expect to be playing for any long sessions at this time. Age of Champions has a gifting system that includes sending energy vials to friends. Maybe this same feature will be added some time in the future.


  • Source: Author’s own experience
  • All images were taken from Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook.