Six Gun Galaxy - A Guide To Leveling Alternative Characters

Six Gun Galaxy - A Guide To Leveling Alternative Characters
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Six Gun Galaxy

Starting over in Six Gun Galaxy can be very frustrating depending on your account level. The frustration grows depending on the number of characters you wish to replace. Replacing one is not very difficult, two can be painful, three can have you pulling out your hair.

There are a few things you can do to help alleviate some of the frustration. Depending on the time you are willing to invest and the amount of resources at your disposal, things can go a lot smoother. This article will cover some of the things you can do to make this as smooth and fast as possible.

Generating Income

Generating Income

The first step to leveling alternate characters in Six Gun Galaxy is to have a steady flow of income. This will allow you to purchase all the necessary mods and equipment, which makes leveling that much easier. I would advise building Hotel Six Gun buildings and upgrading them to level three as soon as possible, if you have not done so already. This will allow you to generate around $160,000 daily.

If you are a newer player, you may want to go with the lesser version of the regular Hotel. There are two reasons to choose hotels as your primary source of income. One, the stamina required for another player to rob them is ridiculously high. Most players wont be able to steal from you until they are very high level. Two, they take 24 hours to generate cash. This gives you plenty of time to collect, so you do not have to constantly check Six Gun Galaxy every few hours if they are ready. Try to time their collection time with your schedule.

Get Good Modifications

good modifications

Modifications are key in Six Gun Galaxy. With the introduction of two new mods purchased with Respect points things are a little easier. By now you should have a good stockpile of Respect. It is time to start buying these new modifications as they will easily strengthen your new characters.

The two new mods:

The Juice - Cost: 54 Respect, Attack 10, Defense 8

Euthanized Heart - Cost: 51 Respect, Attack 5, Defense 12

The good thing about modifications is that once they are purchased they do not disappear with new characters. You can hit the maximum amount, but lesser modifications will be replaced once better ones are acquired. The advantage of starting a new character is that they will use the best modifications that the previous character had.

Cheap But Effective Gear


Some of the equipment may seem expensive, but there are a few choice pieces worth picking up first. After modifications, the two attributes a player should be seeking are evasion and accuracy. Missing a shot can determine a win or a loss. Armor may seem good, but not taking any damage at all is better.

The cheapest piece of armor to raise your accuracy is a helmet. Chest pieces offer accuracy but are twice as expensive. At only $69,000, the Engineer’s Derby is both inexpensive and gives the wearer 19 extra accuracy. Another alternative would be the Feathered Trooper, at the cost of $87,000, this item provides 21 accuracy along with one extra armor point.

For evasion, gloves are the way to go. Not only do they provide evasion, they give extra damage and armor as well. The great thing about gloves are how cheap they are for the stats they provide. The best current cash piece only costs $67,500 and provides 15 evasion, 11 damage, and 10 armor. This piece is called the Trailblaser’s Rig and is cheap enough to easily outfit your entire team with them.

Robbing Other Players

Robbing Players

Depending on the level of your new character you may find it difficult to battle rivals successfully. If you only have one, new low level character, battling should not be too difficult. If, like me, you have decided to completely start over, battling is pointless. In my case, my account is level 49, but my characters are level 28, 26, and 20. I can defeat players in their upper thirties easily, but the rewards are not worth it. With that big of a level gap, I will usually only come out with three to six experience and two Respect points.

To avoid this problem, I would advise robbing other players. This gives you the benefit of earning extra cash without harming your win to loss ratio. It also awards you with Respect points that can be used to buy the new modifications shown above. Save your stamina for robberies until you feel your team is back up to par and ready to take on rivals that will give you better rewards.

Farming For Cash

Farming Cash

Many players often ask where the best place to farm cash is. When you have decided to start new characters, questing will come to a halt, as you will be unable to take down many of the enemies needed to complete the quest. It is a waste of energy, which takes awhile to regenerate, to even attempt them.

While leveling alternate characters, I prefer to farm The Grotesque in Devastated City. With a team of properly geared members in their twenties, you should have no problem taking on this behemoth. The Grotesque drops anywhere from $600 to $2200 based on experience. It also has the chance to drop items like mushrooms, cloth, and other useful things that will be needed to complete certain quests later on.


  • Source: Author’s own experience.
  • All images taken from Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook.