Finding Mafia Wars Loot for Sale Online

Finding Mafia Wars Loot for Sale Online
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Understanding the Commercial Value of Mafia Wars Loot

Why would you pay real money for 100 virtual armored state cars that you could get through simple loot drops within the Facebook game? Although at face value an oddity, many websites offering Mafia Wars loot for sale bank on players’ frustration and offer quick fixes.

Where to Find Loot in Mafia Wars

An exhaustive list of Mafia Wars loot drops shows that a player has a good chance of finding these attack- and defense points enhancements throughout all stages of the game. Unfortunately, as pointed out by game developer Zynga, the drop rate may at times be as low as one percent, which translates into literally several hundred attempts at gaining just one item.

Where to Buy or Sell Mafia Wars Loot - Mafia Wars Loot for Sale

Mafia Wars Loot(1)

Buy 100 Mafia Wars Moscow loot items for $5. Get a 10 percent discount for buying 500 items. In the alternative, buy Cuba loot items by the package. A combination of 501 TNT, gaff hooks, guerilla squads, Hu-9 helicopters and armored state cars cost $100. Pay by PayPal and order via email.

Top Mafia Wars(2)

The loot seller is quick to point out that the site does not actually transfer item ownership. Instead, the player orders the items he needs, which the site operator will collect upon receipt of the order. Payment is rendered for the effort made, not the actual loot items. Costs can be as high as $4 for 100 Tantos (Bangkok job tier) or $15 for 501.

Mafia Wars Maniac(3)

Buy 100 pieces of Bangkok loot for $4 or $5, depending on popularity of the items. The blog writer makes it a point to decline helping with the sale of player accounts as part of a Mafia Wars purchase or sale. Loot is priced – according to the writer – to help defray the ad cost of the blog.

Buy Mafia Wars Loot(4)

By 100 Tanto loot drops for $6 or 501 pieces for $25. More costly is the Royal Thai Marine loot item: 100 pieces cost $30, while 501 pieces run $125. The site owner stresses the fact that PayPal payers must mark their payment as a ‘service’ payment.

Who Buys Mafia Wars Loot for Sale?

The Mafia Wars loot guides show that – while there are plenty of items to collect – it can take an extraordinary amount of time before a player can adequately outfit a growing mafia family. The serious Facebook player, who spends money on Zynga’s Godfather points to replenish energy for the sake of loot collection, will likely get a better deal if he buys the loot items from third-party sellers.

As with all Internet buys that involve ‘services’ or intangible goods, let the buyer beware! Zynga(5) warns game aficionados that websites offering Zynga items are common scams. The player hoping to beef up his inventory with some Mafia Wars loot for sale must remember not to give out his Facebook password or other data that a hacker might use to compromise an account.