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Mafia Wars Loot Guides
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Where Do I Find Mafia Wars Loot?

Screenshot of a Mafia Wars Loot Item: Garza 9

Mafia Wars loot guides take the player through various jobs. In addition to earning the funds that allow a bankrolling of business operations – and gaining experience points for leveling up – the job system also provides special opportunities for gaining items that might just give the player an edge. Each lot item features an attack and a defense point count. For example, a Cuban Mafia Wars loot item – the Garza 9 – offers 25 attack points and 10 defense points.

Mafia Wars loot drops are random; in fact, Zynga(1) is quick to point out that those items occurring at higher levels may only have a one percent loot drop rate, which may require the player to undertake “several hundred attempts to obtain these items.” Even so, learning where to find loot in Mafia Wars is a must, since some of these items – as consumables – satisfy requirements of other jobs. Locating the loot drops is easy: choose a job tier, locate the yellow sacks with question marks and move the mouse cursor over the icon.

Mafia Wars Loot for Sale: Should I Buy?

Acquiring Mafia Wars loot is a slow process. There are plenty of websites that offer chop shop and also loot items for sale. One(2) offers 100 Lloyd’s spectre items for $5. A good deal? Sure, as long as it is legit. Zynga(3) warns that the company will take no responsibility for sites that are not officially affiliated with it.

Mafia Wars Loot List for New York and Cuba

Screenshot of Mafia Wars Loot Item: Butterfly Knife

Mafia Wars loot list for New York

  • Associate Level: Butterfly knife, brass knuckles, .45 revolver, tactical shotgun
  • Soldier: C4, stab-proof vest, automatic rifle, semi-automatic shotgun, lucky shamrock medallion, firebomb
  • Enforcer: Armored truck, concealable camera or computer set-up or untraceable cell phone
  • Hitman: Grenade launcher, .50 caliber rifle, armored car, RPG launcher, bodyguard, night vision goggles, napalm bomb, blackmail photos
  • Capo: Prop plane, chopper, illegal transaction records
  • Consigliere: Luxury yacht, GX 9, Bookie’s holdout pistol
  • Underboss: Multi-purpose trucks, BA-12 assault rifle, falsified documents
  • Boss: Federal agent, private jet, police cruiser, armored limousine

Mafia Wars Cuba loot

  • Soldado: Street gang member, Garza 9, RA-92, Mara Serpiente
  • Capitan: M16A1, camouflage body armor, Chucho FAV, Ru-38 pistol, cane knife, Ocelot armored truck
  • Jefe: Montaine 320, Para 322, gaff hook, cigarette boat
  • Patron: ASC 45 “Conquistador,” mini sub, Aguila HV .50 sniper rifle
  • Padrino: TNT, guerrilla squad

There are more opportunities for loot in Cuba on Facebook Mafia Wars after the player reaches level 137.

  • Padrino (continued): SI-14 cargo plane, Hu-9 helicopter, armored state car, Cocodrilo APC

Of course, by far the best Mafia Wars Cuban loot is open to players above level 151, when they are able to access the Cacique levels that yield a canonazo, track loader and Cazador assault rifle.

Mafia Wars Moscow Loot

Moscow Mafia Wars loot drops vary, depending on the side the player chooses: Vory vs. Mafiya. Available loot drops occur as follows:

  • Baklany: Concealable camera, untraceable cell phone, Cherepakha compact with 18 Attack, 25 Defense (Vory) or Molotok Pistol with 22 Attack, 26 Defense (Mafiya), dossier on Dmitri, RU-7 .45 Pistol
  • Boets: Ballistic knife, photos of Karpov, Severnyy Olen snow bike with 32 Attack, 20 Defense (Vory) or RAS-15 with 30 Attack, 18 Defense (Mafiya), PNV
  • Brigadir: Armored briefcase, bank guard uniform, Taiga combat shotgun with 32 Attack, 20 Defense (Vory) or Volk luxury sedan with 24 Attack, 36 Defense (Mafiya), Shchuka speed boat
  • Avtoritet: Ru-78 heavy machine gun, officer corps paycheck, Shturmovik with 45 Attack, 28 Defense (Vory) or Orel armored helicopter with 24 Attack, 40 Defense (Mafiya), Razoritel grenade launcher
  • Vor: Arkticheskij Gus, Ubijca assault rifle with 43 Attack,18 Defense (Vory) or Klyk-9 machine pistol with 21 Attack, 43 Defense (Mafiya), dynamite
  • Pakhan: Executive overcoat, Konstantin cargo carrier with 18 Attack, 44 Defense (Vory) or Zmeya carbon blade with 28 Attack, 44 Defense (Mafiya), mansion details, Zoloto sports car

Moscow loot – Mafia Wars players are sure to notice – varies, depending on affiliation chosen. Beef up defense and attack stats, and do not miss out on the hot Shturmovik, which is easily the most desirable combat item at this time.

Mafia Wars Bangkok Loot

Screenshot of a Mafia Wars Loot Drop Item: Attack Cobra

Loot drops vary by affiliation, much like is the case in the Moscow job tier. For Bangkok the choices are Yakuza and Triad. Experienced gamers(4) suggest keeping options open by siding with both as much as possible.

  • Brawler: Silk scarf (20 Attack, 22 Defense) and Muai Thai bodyguard (18 Attack, 25 Defense) for Yakuza or attack cobra (24 Attack, 20 Defense) and Jade inlaid pistols (23 Attack, 15 Defense) for Triad
  • Criminal: Dirt bike (24 Attack, 14 Defense) and Royal Thai Army beret (28 Attack, 21 Defense) for Yakuza or riding elephant (18 Attack, 30 Defense) and Bosozoku convertible (29 Attack, 15 Defense) for Triad
  • Pirate: Malay Mobil Helang (19 Attack, 34 Defense) and Seua Daao Sub (35 Attack, 22 Defense) for Yakuza or Komodo Dragon (34 Attack, 22 Defense) and Fugama Kame SUV (33 Attack, 21 Defense) for the Triad
  • Commandant: Forest scorpion (25 Attack, 37 Defense) and Royal Thai Army jeep (38 Attack, 25 Defense) for Yakuza or Hung Fa RPG (39 Attack, 20 Defense) and BRM-38 (23 Attack, 38 Defense) for the Triad

Loot drops for the fifth job tier vary, depending on the choices the player made thus far in the game. A trusted status with the Yakuza results in different drops than a trusted Triad status, even if the player opts for opposing factions in this job tier.

  • Trusted Triad**: S**calding hot tea (26 Attack, 35 Defense) and Tanto (43 Attack, 28 Defense) for Yakuza **or** Kage jet (27 Attack, 42 Defense) and Optical camo suit (43 Attack, 26 Defense) for Triad
  • Trusted Yakuza: Lloyd’s spectre (18 Attack, 45 Defense) and cleaver (25 Attack, 44 Defense) for Yakuza or type 103 machine gun (42 Attack, 29 Defense) and monk robe (29 Attack, 41 Defense) for Triad