Mafia Wars- El Jefe Game Guide

Mafia Wars- El Jefe Game Guide
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It’s going to be a watery ride for the El Jefe tier of Mafia Wars’ Cuba locale. With most of the quests having something to do with the unscrupulous waters of Cuba, we’re sure in for a bumpy ride. Don’t worry though, mastering the El Jefe gets you a guaranteed Avispa machine gun! This awesome metal contraption yields an attack of 54 and a defense of 24. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of it? The Avispa machine gun is actually based on the MK 19 automatic grenade launcher. Now isn’t that just the coolest?

If you’re not so sure you’re quite ready for the El Jefe tier for Cuba. Why not try out for the lower tiers first? There’s always the El Soldado tier and the El Capitan tier. But I’m sure you’re ready now. So strap yourselves in, gun up and let’s get ready to conquer Cuba!

A Little Racketeering Gets You Everywhere

ras 29

For our first job, let’s start by offering “protection” to a local nightclub. Expaend about 34 energy points here in exchange for about 58 experience points and about 1,719 Cuban Pesos. Be sure that you have your muscle with you in the form of 3 Local Tough each equipped with their own RAS-29 and 2 CM Seta’s for a quick getaway in case things get too rough.

The RAS 29 will cost you about 15 grand a piece, toughies are at 8,000 and the CM Setas will set you back about 20 grand for both vehicles, but don’t worry. If you’ve played the previous tiers first, then you’ll only need to spend for one or two more items.


After we’ve dealt with the nightclub, how about trying your hand at Armed Robbery? Give the RAS-29s to each of the two hired thugs you’ll be acquiring (22,000 for each thug). Afterwards, upgrade your vehicle to a CM Venga for a quick getaway (The Venga will cost you 22 Grand so make sure you have moolah stashed somewhere). Stats for this job will include 47 energy points in exchange for 80 experience points and a modest sum of 2,462 Pesos.

Once you’ve robbed the Nacional Bank, you’ll need a place to hide. So shake down a hotel owner into letting you stay at his place for free. If you do this job right, you might be able to collect some valuable loot as well 60 experience points. While you’re at it, why not collect a rental fee from your hotel owner of say about 1,771 pesos?

gadyuka 5 pistol

Of course the Hotel Owner might put up a fuss, so be sure you have your two RAS-29s, 4 Hired Thugs this time and 5 sweet Gadyuka-5 Pistols. That means one gun for you and your men! Don’t forget to park your two CM Vengas though. You don’t want to get noticed. And oh yes, the pistols will cost you almost a hundred grand as its 24,000 per piece. For all of this effort, make sure you have 36 energy points in order to get the 60 exp and the chance to collect some prize loot.


cm venga

Now that you’ve established your brilliance in pulling down a heist, let’s Bring the Local Teamsters Under Your Control. You know, of course, how important it is to forge your dominance within your turf (and sometimes well outside of it). Well, some local teamsters seem to be stirring up trouble and its up to you to sort them all out. Grab 4 Gadyuka-5 Pistols and give them to your 6 Hired Thugs. Since there’s a deficit in the number of artillery you brought, the other two would have to make do with their bare fists. Although I doubt that ‘s something your team will complain about. Once they’re primed and ready, get 3 CM Vengas and have a pair ride in each one. This little job is going to cost you 41 energy points of course but with the expected yield of 2,374 Cuban Pesos and 70 Experience Points.



Once the Shipyard has been well taken care of, feast your sights on something bigger and more gradiose. Now what could be bigger than Taking Over the Docks?? With the Docks under your control, you could easily be the ruling power in all of Cuba. All it takes is 55 Energy Points, 5 RAS-29s, 8 Local Toughs and 2 Barges. One Barge will set you back 27,000 Cuban Pesos and since you’re getting two, double that price and make sure to come up with 54 Grand. With all your equipment in gear, it’ll be easy to grab those 92 experience points, 3,114 Cuban Pesos and of course, the nifty loot items.

After you’ve brought that group of upstarts to heel, it’s time to Pillage a Shipyard! The act of pillaging will give you a hefty 2,649 Pesos, 79 Experience and a chance to loot some special items. All you need to bring to the table is 47 energy points and your team. The team will consist of 6 Hired Thugs operating a Barge while carrying 4 RAS-29s and 5 Gadyuka-5 Pistols. Sounds simple enough right? That’s cause it is.

Cleaning Up Spills

Well that’s that! Congratulations you’ve mastered the El Jefe job tier! The Godfather would be so proud of you. Thanks to you a little more of Cuba falls in the hands of the Mafia. Reward yourself by going over older job tiers or getting some buxom senoritas. Now, the next rounds that will follow this will be the El Patron, El Padrino and El Cacique tiers. Don’t worry though, we’ll get to them soon enough.

If you’re in the mood for some reminiscing though, then the New York tiers will definitely spice up the memory bank in your old noggin. Remember the good old days when you were ruling New York as the Capo? How about when you got promoted as Consigliere to the old Don, before moving on to be an Underboss? Those were good times, but I’m betting the best memory you have of New York is finally conquering it as its Boss. eh?

No worries! If you want to go look back to your life in the States, just follow the link and it’ll take you there. Until then though, I’ll see you next tier!

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