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Facebook Mafia Wars Game Guide: Cuba 's El Capitan Tier

by: Marie ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you ready for more Cuban action and artillery? Then wait no longer because the second job tier for the Facebook application, Mafia Wars is out and this time we're going to bulldoze through the Cuban territories with the El Capitan job tier with the help of this detailed game guide.

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    About the Game:

    Mafia Wars is a Facebook application catering to the dark side of human nature. In a world of gangsters, militia and rebels, what could prove to be a better battling ground than Cuba? Coming out as the second location for Mafia Wars (after New York and its subsequent levels i.e Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Capo, Hitman, Associate, Enforcer, Soldier and Street Thug) the El Capitan Job Tier is the second job tier for Cuba (the first was El Soldado).

    guerilla commando As such we'll be discussing the various jobs, requirements and rewards for this tier in this article. Level requirements is at least the basic 60, with the mastery levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold for this tier. However, the mastery rewards amps up a little with the release of the Guerrilla Commando ( 38 ATK and 35 DEF)

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    Starting off with the Smaller Jobs

    ras 29 cm seta What a better way of getting reacquainted with your Soldier roots in New York than starting off with transporting a shipment of US Arms? Sounds fun and risky at the same? You knew it. You'll need two CM Seta's (priced at 10,000 a piece) and a Local Tough (8000 Pesos) who's equipped with his own RAS-29 ( 15,000 pesos). If you're griping about the price of these items, then you haven't been utilizing the businesses that Cuba has to offer. So why don't you buy a couple of businesses before you bemoan the price of the next jobs eh?

    Don't worry, this job will give you 1189 Pesos as a reward as well as 64 experience points. The only requirement aside from what's already been said is 38 energy points for the trouble. And if that's not enough, then worry not! Transporting a shipment of US arms will also yield the opportunity for some loot items.

    Next up on the chopping block is meeting up with the FRG Leadership. If you remember, we've tried to contact them at the El Soldado tier. This time, take a RAS 29 and a pair of camo fatigues with you as well as the two local guides you used before. The price? 4000 pesos for each guide and 10,000 pesos for the Camo Fatigues you'll be using.

    As for the energy , experience ratio, 34:60 seems like a good trade. Let's not discount the looting opportunity as the 1129 Cuban Pesos you'll get for your effort.

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    Showing Some Muscle

    JUNGLE TRACKER Nothing proves your strength in exploiting innocent more than holding up a Tour Bus. Grab 2 RAS-29 for each of your Local Tough driving their own CM Setas this time in order to get that 1590 Pesos that you've been eyeing. Throwin in 41 energy points and voila, you'll be 71 points higher in your experience scale.

    Once you're done with that, move on to higher game by ambushing a military patrol. Using the weapons and cars from your hold-up earlier you'll easily take this military patrol out and run away with 1709 Pesos. Be sure to have your Jungle Tracker with you (he'll cost 14,000 Pesos) and be ready to spend 46 energy points in order to gain 81 experience points for this heist.

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    Getting the Bigger Game

    Do you remember that Military Patrol that you ambushed a while ago? Well they've revealed an army outpust just ripe for the picking. So gather your three local tough guys, give them each a RAS-29 and buy yourself a 4x4 (18,000 pesos) and get to ambushing! YOu will need to use 51 energy points here in order to get the 88 experience points that you need as well as the 1709 Cuban Pesos that you'll get for the job. (Not to mention the prestige of taking on the army).

    Once you're done with the ambusy, the outpost will just be ripe for the looting so get to it. Mastery levels will boost 8% for Bronze, 7 for Silver and 6 for Gold.

    Next up, why don't you gain points with the New York Consigliere and Underbosses by sneaking a friend of the family into the country? Show them around and let have a good time! But before you do that, make sure that you have a Jungle Tracker to do the sneaking, 2 4x4s for transporation, 3 RAS-29 (one for each of you in case things get rough) and a pair of camo fatigues to look stylish in the jungle. Once you've gathered the requirements, be sure to have 37 energy points ready to spent in order to grab 1458 Pesos and 56 experience points.

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    Pillaging and Plundering

    If you think you've got what it takes to do these next jobs (the final two for the El Capitan tier) then grab your checklist and start ticking off the requirements that you need. Make sure you have 4 RAS-29s (you'll need 3 for the first job and 4 for the latter), 2 4x4s for transportation, 3 Local tough guys (for both jobs), 2 Jungle Trackers and 3 Camo Fatigues.

    Got them all? Then let's proceed with the job,

    The first one will be to Ransack a Local Plantation. You'll be doing some looting here, so that's a little extra fun for you. And if we're talking rewards, then how does 1664 Cuban Pesos and 68 experience points sound? Sounds nice right? Then just make sure you have 39 energy points to spare and you're good to go.

    Once you're well rested and off your high horse for completing the earlier job let's move on to burning down the hacienda of the owner's of said plantation? Like I said, its pillage and plunder time aspiring moblords. You can loot items here as well so be sure to have 53 energy points saved up. Aside from fulfilling your pyromaniac tendencies, you'll also be getting 2299 cuban pesos and 92 experience points, which is a whooper for this level.

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    In Conclusion

    That's that and we're done! Did you enjoy being an El Capitan? Are you ready for more? Well don't worry cause we've got more in store for you! Remember that there are 9 job tiers in Cuba as well as in New York. But if you want to make sure each job tier is mastered, why not go back and check on them? Here are the links that will take you to all New York tier guides: Boss, Underboss, Consigliere, Capo, Associate, Enforcer, Hitman, Soldier and Street Thug.

    That being said, here's the link for the first job tier of Cuba as well: El Soldado.

    That's that, I'm done. See you all next time!

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