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Facebook Mafia Wars: Cuba's El Soldado Guide

by: Marie ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Check out the in depth guide for the Facebook MMO, Mafia Wars! We're done with conquering New York and now it's time to break out the champagne in Cuba! But will all grand things we have to start at the bottom so here's the guide for Cuba's El Soldado. Good luck and good gaming Mafiosos!

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    About the Game:

    Mafia Wars is a Facebook application that is revolutionizing the way players see MMO and Turn Based Strategy Games. This game deals with the infamous exploits of gangsters as they climb up the Mafia ladder through heists, blackmails, murders and various illegal activities. It started off with merely the city of New York but as players kept reaching higher and higher levels, New York seems to prove too small for our gangster. Hence the inception of Cuba and the way self-made gangster and moblords cut into the illegal scene here.

    The El Soldado Job Tier is the first rung of the Cuban Ladder.

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    Breaking in: El Soldado

    Think it ended with New York? Well you thought wrong! Now Mafia Wars takes you to Cuba where you must begin anew as a Soldado for the Mafia. This level caters to players at levels between 35 to 59. It's harder, takes up more energy but will definitely yield out more experience and moolah.

    El Ray Roadster Consequently, Cuba has also given rise to the inception of the Mafia Businesseses being a great help to its gangsters. Mastering this job tier will yield a reward of the El Ray Roadster, a wonderful mastery item that has 40 ATK and 34 DEF points.

    As per usual Mafia Wars rules, there will be certain requirements before you can complete each job. However, since its Cuban Pesos, our dollars will be of no use. So what else is a Mafioso to do but start at the bottom? And soldiers, there is no lower job that Robbing a Cab Driver. Oh sure its demeaning but it will give you 221 Cuban Pesos every single time as well as 18 experience points. How much energy does it cost to commence? The same amount you'll get as an experience.

    A helpful hint? Try and see if you can save up enough to buy a business right away. Otherwise, you can scrimp and save for the other item requirements. As usual there are three levels to master and for this job, each mastery level will complete 4 to 2 percent of the total job completion.

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    Starting Over.. Again

    machete local guide The Second Job for the Soldado Tier is Securing a Warehouse. Unlike mugging a cab, you'll need to have a machete and a local guide in your arsenal. So head to the inventory and purchase one of each. The machete will cost 1000 Cuban Pesos whereas the Local Guide will cost 4000.

    The rewards and requirements? 664 Pesos and 54 Experience Points. Just remember that you'll need 33 Energy Points to be able to complete this job. Don't worry, each completed job will pull up a 9% complete stat on your meter (8 and 7 for SIlver and Gold Mastery)

    Just a little bit higher in importance is the ability to Intimidate the Locals. You'll need a Local Tough this time, instead of the Guide (he'll cost you 8000 Pesos) but the weapon remains the same. As a reward, the frightened locals will cough out 933 Pesos and 79 Experience Points. As for level mastery, its 13, 12 and 11% per level.

    Are you getting the hang of it then? The fourth job on your list is to Silence a Noisy Neighbor. Engage the help of your Local Tough and switch from a Machete to a Lead Pipe. Priced at 5000 Pesos, the lead pipe will get the job done and yield 641 Pesos and 49 Experience Points ( 10 -8 Percent for Job Mastery)

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    Getting to the Tougher Jobs

    Now that you've familiarized yourself with Cuba, and surely you've bought a couple of businesses as well, let's move on to the next jobs.

    Start by Smuggling in Some Supplies. Not only will you gain 674 Pesos and 50 Exp Points, you'll also get a chance to loot some items that might prove useful to you in the future. The cost of this job? 31 Energy points as well as 2 Lead Pipes. You'll also need the help of the former Local Tough and Guide you used in your previous jobs.

    Next up, let's play with money in the Setting Up a Numbers Racket. For 1067 pesos and 67 experience points, be ready to trade in 40 energy points and have a hatchet and a local tough in handy. How much does a hatchet cost? 12 Grand. Pricey? Don't worry, you'll be using it over and over again as job master is at 10, 9 and 8 percents for each job mastery respectively.

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    Moving On..

    The RFG is a crucial part of the Cuban game, so you'll need to Establish Contact with them. Have two machetes and two local guides to help you locate them as well as a CM Seta to use as your transporation. Just go to inventory and spend about 10 Grand in Cuban Pesos. Once you do that, you'll get a chance to loot special items and collect 896 pesos as a reward for your efforts. The energy to experience ration? 56:34

    Like in New York, Cuba needs to have certain police chiefs taken out and that's exactly what you're going to do next. Gather 3 Local Toughies and equip them with 2 machetes and a hatchet to take out this nuisance. Expend 37 energy points in order to collect you 1025 Pesos and 62 experience points as well as a crucial chance to loot items.

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    Reconnaisance Missions

    lead pipe Uh oh! Looks like someone alerted the Local Police of what you've done and you need to find out who that is! Persuade a Local to Talk with the help of your 3 Local Tough guys using a variety of weapons (a machete, hatchet and lead pipe). People need to start talking, don't they know omerta still applies even though you're in Cuba? Use up 46 energy points here to get your info as well as 1507 Pesos and 77 experience points.

    cm seta Once you've gotten your information from the locals, you need to Assault a Snitch's Hideout. There's nothing like a little message for the locals to shut people up. Valued at 15, 14 and 13 percent for job mastery, using up 51 energy points will definitely be worth the sweat. After all, you'll be getting 1559 Pesos and 84 experience points here.

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    On to the Next Job

    Whoa is it over already?? It seems that Cuba wasn't as hard as we thought! If you're hankering for some more action, don't worry - the next job tier will be just around the corner. In the mean time why don't you go back to New York and make sure things are being done right in the Boss, Underboss, Hitman, Enforcer, Capo, Consigliere, Associate, Soldier and Street Thug tiers.

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