Mafia Wars: Cuba's El Patron Game Guide

Mafia Wars: Cuba's El Patron Game Guide
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Testing the Waters

What up young grasshopper? Are you up for more mayhem and madness in the Cuban locale of the ever popular Mafia Wars? Well no worries, I’ve got it all plotted out for you. Be warned though, the tier of El Patron is only for the players with at least a level of 110-129. If you’re nowhere near this level, I suggest you go back to the El Jefe or El Capitan tiers. Better yet, go be a local Soldado or run back to New York to be a Boss there.

Oh you think you’re ready huh? Well ok then. Let’s get it on! Don’t worry, like any other tier in Mafia Wars, mastering all three levels will get you an exclusive Mafia Wars items. For the well meaning Patron, we have Che’s Beret as a special gift. Who wouldn’t want the beret of a major figure of the Cuban Revolution? Che’s Beret will help you out during wars, what with its 46 Attack points and 34 Defensive prowess. Truly, its a beret for leaders!

First Blood

cm venga

gadyuka 5 pistol

Now then,let’s get on with the job shall we? Our first mission as a Patron is to Muscle in On a Local Casino. Completing this job will get you 3,637 Cuban Pesos as well as 74 experience points. However, to be able to access this job in the first place, you’ll need 40 energy points, and a crew of 6 Hired Thugs ( priced at 22,000 each) all equipped with each of their own Gadyuka-5 Pistols (this baby costs 24 Grand a pop) and 4 CM Vengas that will provide for your transport. The Venga will cost you another 22,000 if you don’t already have it, which I doubt as we’ve established the need for it in the previous tiers already.

Setting Up Shop

Of couse to do this you’ll need a crew. Get 8 Hired Thugs and let them scramble amongst themselves for the 4 Gadyuka-5 Pistols and 2 Lead Pipes (the pipes are cheap, you only need to fork out 5,000 for each of them). However, you need to make sure that you have at least 3 Politico Corruptos backing you up, otherwise this business venture will be a bust. You can acquire your politico if you have Bribery Ring listed among your properties. If you don’t then you better get some now.

hired thug

Once you’re done with that, let’s move on to a little cash job shall we? Establish a Loansharking Business and show off your skill in making money (and collecting dues) by putting out 45 energy points. If you do, there’s a guaranteed 4,160 Pesos and 83 Experience points for you.

Two Birds in One Shot

While you’re on the road, why not go ahead and Pass on Some Intel to the FRG? Using up, 41 energy points, switch cars and people on your way to the meeting place and get 2 local guides and jungle trackers. Since you’ve already recruited them to your ranks in previous tiers you don’t need to get any new ones for now. However, if you are interested in their market values, one guide will cost you 4,000 and one jungle tracker 14,000. This goes for the transportation you’ll be using as well. One CM Seta and rugged 4x4 will cost you a total of 28,000 Pesos as you make your way through the jungle. Don’t worry, every sacrifice has it’s reward because aside from 74 experience points you’ll get from this job, you’ll also be paid 3,631 pesos as well as a chance to loot prime finds.

Being a Patron is all about establishing control, and what better way to establish control than by Eliminating a Rival Family’s Agent? Armed with 4 Hired Thug and 2 Wise Guys (30,000 for one but you probably have them in your pocket already) each carrying a Gadyuka-5 Pistol, you’ll be sure to dominate the arena. Just make sure that when the dust settles your crew will have gotten away on the four CM Vengas you supplied them beforehand.

Dealing Arms

308 sniper rifle

Part of what makes a Patron powerful is making sure that people are kept under control. So when a Regional Arms Dealer starts biting off more than he can chew, its up to you to Execute him. Expend 46 energy points for this lowlife and get about 85 experience points in return. The 4,585 Pesos you’ll get will be an addition to your family’s coffers, of course. To be able to do this job, you’ll need 3 Wise Guys (expensive buggers, but dependable as heck so don’t worry about that 30 grand you’ll need to fork out) and 2 CM Setas. Make sure your people are well equipped though, so send them to battle with 2 Gadyuka-5 Pistols and a .308 Sniper Rifle to sweeten the deal.

By the way? Sniper rifle’s that good cost 32,000 Pesos but it sure is worth it, isn’t it?

Turf Wars

Finally, let’s establish our dominance by way of execution. Your two remaining jobs for this tier will both require the use of heavy artillery. To start off, you’ll need to Gun Down An Enemy Crew at the Airport. By using 51 energy points, 8 Hired Thugs and 4 Wise Guys you’re sure to get 95 experience points and 5,344 pesos in the process. Just be sure your crew has the 8 RAS-29s they requested for and the 5 CM Vengas which 22,000 pesos each.

Sink a Competing Smuggler’s Ship! Grr, those rival families really get my goat! It’s time to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget, eh? Gather a crew of 11 comprising of 8 Hired Thugs and 3 Wise Guys. Spread them out among your three Barges (27,000 Pesos isn’t that big of a deal anyway) and give them 6 RAS-29s. That alone should do it. Oh yes, I forgot about 47 energy points you need to use up, the 87 experience points you’re guaranteed of getting as well as the 4,371 Cuban Pesos you’ll get as payment and of course, the chance to loot.

Total Domination

Item wiseguy 75x75 01

When you’re done, send home your hired thugs and call up another Wise Guy to your previous 4 and have him bring an extra RAS-29 to your previous 8 as well a .308 Sniper Rifle and commence with operation: Assassinate an Opposing Consigliere. That consigliere has really been getting your goat and therefore needs to be shut up. So with 57 energy points, take him out before he starts talking again. This act will grant you 5,377 Cuban pesos and 104 experience points. Once you’ve made sure the Consigliere is dead, you’ll have a chance to loot before getting away with the 5 Vengas you previously brought along with you.

With that, you’re done with the El Patron job tier. I congratulate you, intrepid Mafioso! You’re sure to move on to bigger and better things now and I wish you well. Be sure to keep on practicing, and polishing your weapons and I’ll see you next time.

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