Underboss Job Tier Game Guide Mafia Wars

Underboss Job Tier Game Guide Mafia Wars
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About the Game

Mafia Wars is a popular Facebook application that lets players in on the turn based MMO world. Play as a gang member working up the ranks of the New York crime world and finish job after job after job. This particular article will deal with the jobs found in the Vice Boss / Underboss Job Tier of Mafia Wars

The Viceboss / Underboss Job tier is for players ranging from levels 60 to 99. Before we go on ahead with this, take note that you’ll require special loot items all from the job - Rob an Electronics Store. If you want to go in prepared then be sure to have 263 Illegal Transaction Records, 263 Computer Set Ups and 184 Untraceable Cellphones. Don’t worry, the outcome will be well worth it, as a reward of a Private Island will come in handy - giving you an extra 5% experience points from all future jobs.

Initial Jobs

transaction records

It’s time to extort a corrupt judge! Be prepared to expend 21 energy points here and to cough up an Illegal Transaction Record. As previously mentioned, the Illegal Transaction Records can be found when you finish the Rob a Bank job under the Capo Guide. Payout will be good as you’ll be given upwards of 4 million as a reward with an experience of 42.

If you’re into heavier game, why not trying Embezzling Funds through a Phony Company? All you’ll need is more illegal transaction records, and yes a Computer Set-up. Give out 44 energy points to do this job and get 82 experience points in return as well a max of 5 millions dollars in cash.

Breaking into Armories and Swindling Armenian Mobs

multi purpose truck

Once you’re done with that, try you skills at Breaking into the Armory. With the same energy cost as Embezzling, you’ll need 12 body armors, 6 armored trucks and 5 automatic rifles to do the job. Cash out is from from 4-6 million and you’ll also have a chance to loot a multi-purpose truck to be used in the Armenian Job. Completing this ups your experience by 69 points so good luck!

Likewise with this next job; Ripping off the Armenian Mob needs 44 energy points as well but with an experience yield of 78 and a chance to attain precious BA-12 Assault Rifles in the process. Just have 2 armored trucks, 6 automatic rifles, 2 grenade launchers and 2 multi-purpose trucks ready at a moment’s notice.

Little Note to Mention: The Humvee is also called a Multi-Purpose truck! They just changed it :-)

Traids and Rivals

Now try your hand at a different skill set with the job, Muscle in on a Triad Operation. Sometimes even the sneaks have to be a little sneakier, especially if they want to move up in the world of New York crime! You only need 40 energy points, 10 body armors, 20 chain guns and 4 armored cars to do this job. Once done, collect a bounty of 4-6 million dollars and 78 experience points.

What better way to move up in the crime world than by making a point and taking out enemies in your own family?Following that, its time to take your rival down with this job. Ambush a Rival at Sit Down requires 48 energy from you as well: 4 town cars, 5 chain guns and a BA-12 Assault Rifle that you previously acquired from the Armenian hit. Double up with an experience of 93 and steal money that ranges from 3 to 4 million cash.

ba 12 assault rifle

Another FYI: The BA-12 Assault Rifle used to be the AR-15 Assault Rifle. What’s the difference? The image on Mafia Wars more closely resembles the BA than the AR, hence the change.

Final Hits

When you’re done with that, its time to deal with pesky politicos. So Order a Hit on a Publc Official to rid yourself of unwanted weight. Have 4 getaway cruisers ready, and call your hitmen from an Untraceable Cellphone. Don’t forget to give ammo in the form of 2 .50 Caliber Rifle. Finish this successfully and you’ll get a max of fifteen million in reward money as well as 64 more points to aid in levelling up.

falsified documents

Finally, Take Over an Identity Theft Ring to grab you precious Falsified Documents as loot for future jobs. You’ll gain 61 experience points in exchange for 32 energies and 11 million as a capped reward. An important requirement is the Computer Set Up so have those ready!

With that, you’re ready to move on to the next job tier! Check out these other Mafia War guides for help in other tiers, as well as the review for this cool Facebook application and a Beginner’s Guide to Mafia Wars.Now it’s all done so I’ll see you next time for more Mafia Wars Job Guides!

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