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Facebook Mafia Wars: Boss Guide
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About the Game

Welcome to the final tier of the New York stage in the Facebook application, Mafia Wars. This tier is aptly called, the Boss tier, the last in a series of 9 stages in this game. This article will guide players extensively as to how they will approach this level.

Aptly called the Boss Level, this tier is open only to players with levels above the 100 level mark and fully unlocking at level 135. Players will need a variety of items to fully engage this level and a keen grasp of the concept of the game. Of utmost importance to this tier is having 2 types of loot items in handy: Blackmail Photos and Illegal Transaction Records. You’ll be needing 368 Blackmail Photos and 109 Illegal Transaction Records. If you think that’s hard enough, consider this: to obtain Blackmail Photos, you will need a loot item of another nature: a Concealable Camera.

Item Requirements

blackmail photos

concealable camera

The Illegal Transaction Records can be attained from the Capo job: Steal a Bank Record whereas the Blackmail Photos and subsequently the Concealable Camera are attained from the Hitman and Enforcer tier respectively. Now then, you can either obtain these items in one massive blowout - completing the collection first before doing any actual jobs on the boss tier or you can do them one at a time, whenever the need so arises. Either way, don’t forget - those are just two of many other requirements for this level.

The First of the Last


federal agent

et’s start with the job that requires the least amount of energy for this job. Oddly enough, it’s the Buy Off a Federal Agent mission. (snickers) 32 energy points needed to acquire your personal Fed as well as 56 experience points in return. On top of that, 4.7 million dollars. I know I know, the money isn’t that big but hey you got a Fed in your pocket! This is also the mission where you’ll be needing one of many Blackmail Photos so make sure you have that in tow. As a bonus, grab 2 town cars and 5 grenades to spook your Fed.

town car

A little noteworthy thought: The Town Car will be one of the more reusable items for this tier, and other New York stages as you’ll be using it several times in this level alone as well as in the Enforcer, Hitman, Capo, Consigliere and Underboss stages as well. Each town car can be bought at the inventory section for 400 grand and has an upkeep cost of 1200 every upkeep rotation.

Thirty Six Points to Score

Making a Deal with the Mexican Cartel and Settling a Beef Permanently both costs 36 energy points. The differences being that the first job’s experience yield is 71 points while the latter a measly 56 points, cash yields favors more the Beef Settling job at 9.04 million over the Mexican Cartel’s 5.6 million dollars. Add to that, the Mexican job lets you have the opportunity to acquire a Private Jet, a loot item you’ll need in another Boss mission. So even though the Beef job might have more experience outputs, the Mexican job is actually the one that will benefit you more. As for item requirements, the first mission will require these items: 10 Town Cars (didn’t I say they were reusable?) 5 Getaway Cruisers, 14 Chain Guns and an RPG Launcher whereas the Mexican job requests for 3 Prop Planes, 4 Night Vision Googles and 10 Automatic Rifles to complete.

More Jobs More Missions

Another mission that only asks for 36 experience points? Making Arrangements for a Visiting Don. You’ll need to have items and men ready here, ensuring the Don’s safety and what not so don’t flake out. You’ll be needing 40 (yes 40!) Town cars this time, 20 Body Armors (to make sure no one takes a pop at your Don), 20 Chain Guns (in case someone takes a pop at him) and 4 majorly endowed Bodyguards. There’s no need to tell you about how to get a Town car, as we’ve pretty much covered that, Body Armors and Chain Guns are available at the local Mafia gift shoppe (that’s the Inventory section to you) and the Bodyguard (of whom you’ll have gotten help with at a Capo job) can be attained by completing a mission at the Hitman tier.

Another item of reusability is that Chain Gun. Clearly one of the more agressive weapons in the store, a Chain Gun costs a hefty 200 grand and dents your coffers every turn with 2500 dollars per Chain Gun owned. However, the usefulness of the chaingun extends beyond the Boss tier, as you can use it in the Soldier, Enforcer, Hitman, Capo, Consigliere and Underboss jobs as well. As a reward for being so accommodating?67 experience points and 56.5 million dollars in reward money.

Back to the Basics

police cruiser

Following the success of your two earlier missions, time to go back to some old fashioned blackmail. At 40 energy points, Blackmail Photos and a .22 pistol, try your hand at Blackmailing a District Attorney. It’s wild, it’s dangerous, it’s fun and most of all it gives you 73 experience points, 11.3 million dollars in cash reward and a chance to attain your very own Police Cruiser! So what do you think? It’s a deal? It’s a deal!

Private Jet

Next up is Travelling to the Old Country. This mission is in fact the last mission you’ll be unlocking in this tier (level 135). Requiring only a Private Jet and 47 energy points from you, this mission gives out a whooping 92 exp and exactly 14,012,000 in cold hard cash.

Last Jobs for the Boss

If you’re done canoodling around the islands, time to get back to the Big Apple in style by Taking Control of a Casino. Using up the same items you’ve used from the Visiting Don job, (yup exactly every item you used) and 64 energy points you’ll be well on your way to obtaining a Casino, 124 exp and about a little over 18 million dollars in cash.

Last but not the least, do a major Shakedown of a City Council Member by providing him with some Illegal transaction Records and 5 town cars . Do all this and use 78 energy points in the process and getting 139 exp in return. Also, the 20 million isn’t too bad and coupled with an Armored Limo that you can use for your protection? Definitely not bad at all

Wrapping Up

Finally you’ve managed to threaten, steal and kill your way to the top of the Mafia foodchain! Congratulations on becoming the Boss! (Well at least for New York) As a reward, we award you with the illustrious Golden Throne! With its gold plated seats, its the perfect tush warmer for the newly crowned Mafia King! oh, not nearly cool enough? Well did I tell you that this Golden Throne comes fully equipped with a 2x energy regenerator? Totally rocking! But remember, that there are other areas to master in Mafia Wars and the sooner you stop patting yourself on the back for completing the Boss tier, the faster you’ll get to mastering Cuba and Moscow. In the mean time however, if you want to relive the previous eight levels of this tier, then all you have to do is follow the links provided here: Street Thug, Soldier, Associate, Enforcer, Hitman, Capo, Consigliere and Underboss.

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