Facebook Mafia Wars - Hitman Job Guide

Facebook Mafia Wars - Hitman Job Guide
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About the Game

Mafia Wars is a turn based multiplayer application popular on networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. True to form, you will be thrust into the world of the illegal and the underground as you become a Mafioso yourself, trying to rise above the ranks to eventually becoming, one of the most feared gangsters in New York (and Cuba !)

This article will feature a guide for one the 9 job tiers in New York - the Hitman level one of the last tiers that players under the level of 25 can access. It will mention the necessary requirement to complete each particular job, as well as the benefits and rewards reaped from each one. If you’re looking for a review of the game, then here’s one for Mafia Wars as well as a Beginner’s Guide. With that out of the way, let’s get on with the guide!

As a Hitman - Repellng the Yakuza

Mastering the Hitman job tier (Maxed out mind you) grants you the CHainsaw Bayonet. This special item reduces the stamina regeneration time by 30 seconds, allowing you more time to strike at your enemies.

There are 9 jobs here, as per the usuals. Let’s start of with the one requiring the least energy - Repelling the Yakuza.

This job needs about 11 energy points from your stash. It yields a little over a hundred grand to less than two hundred with an experience of 21. To do this job, you’ll need 2 chain guns, a machine pistol (5 of these) and 3 armored sedans.

Smuggling Rings and Russian Mobs

50 caliber rifle

Disrupting a Rival Smuggling Ring requires two more energy points than the latter (13) and aside from the chain guns used earlier, you’ll need 10 grenades and a getaway cruiser to make a speedy retreat. Experience yokes out 23 points and a little less than 250 grand smackeroos. You’ll also have a chance to loot a .50 caliber rifle.

Selling Guns to the Russian Mob and Invading the Tong Controlled Neighborhood both require 22 energy points as well as Three Getaway Cruisers. But that’s where the similarities end.

The Invasion job needs 5 Chain Guns and Body Armors. Whereas the Russian Job needs 7 instead of 5 chain guns, and an extra Town Car for show. The Russian Job has 41 experience points to yield, which is 6 more than the Invasion Job. However, in terms of cash payouts, the Russian Job will be able to give you a max of 3 million dollars as opposed to the Invason’s 400 Grand.

More Jobs to Finish


Now on to bigger and better game, here’s two more jobs in the Hitman Tier for you to accomplish: Framing a Rival Capo and Obtaining Compromising Photos

Framing a Rival Capo needs 23 energy points, 2 Town cars and a Wiretap Device. Cash rewards will fall to less than a million max and a standard of 38 experience points.

Obtaining Compromising Photos require a Concealable Camera from you and 24 energy points. The Concealable Camera is a special loot item, so you’ll need to Rob an Electronics Store first to get one. Be prepared to do this job over and over. Don’t worry though! 38 experience points is a good enough reward as well as the cash bonus of at least 300 thousand dollars.

Twin Jobs Twin Hits

Two more jobs in the Hitman Tier run almost parallel to each other. Protecting your City against a Rival Family and Assassinating a Political Figure both require 31 energy points. Not only that, but they also need 3 similar weapons (with only the quantity as the difference).

Both jobs require Chain Guns, Getaway Cruisers and Town Cars. However, while the Rival Job requires 10 chain guns from you, assassinating a political figure requires 5 more. The same applies to the Getaway Crusier with the required number varying from 5 (for the Rival Family Job) and 10 (for the Political Figure). Finally, the Town Car requirement for the Rival Job is only half to the Assassination reuquirement of 4.

Both jobs will yield a minimum of 2 million and a max range of about 4-5 millon with the experience points both similar, capping at 58 points.

Getting the Job Done

Finally, the hardest job in the Hitman Tier will be Exterminating a Rival Family. You need 35 energy points here but the yield will be 65

experience points in return. Cash yield will also be at a high, ranging from 3 mil and capping at almost 7 million dollars. You’ll also have a chance to loot Napalms. Just be sure to have 20 armored sedans, 12 getaway cruisers and 6 town cars.

With that, I’m done and you’ve completed the requirement for the Hitman Job tier. Repeat thrice to obtain the previously mentioned special reward of the Chainsaw Bayonet. If you’re looking for more job guides on Mafia Wars, check out this Guide for the Capo Tier and look out for the Underboss Tier too. Good luck and have a great time!

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