Mafia Wars Associates Job Guide to Completing Jobs, Required Energy, Weapons, and Vehicles

Mafia Wars Associates Job Guide to Completing Jobs, Required Energy, Weapons, and Vehicles
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About the Game

Mafia Wars is a popular facebook application fronting as a MMORPG for novice players. It takes you to the world of the illegal and the dangerous as you take on the role of an up and coming mafioso. To find out if this game is for you, why not read a review of it first? If you’ve read it and loved it ( I know I did) but are having trouble getting a feel for the game, then I recommend this Beginner’s Guide to start the ball rolling.

Job tiers are an important facet of the Mafia Wars game, as it deals with jobs that will help you level up, garner reward items and collection pieces so it’s important to do each tier properly. The Associate Job tier is actually the 2nd of 9 job tiers in New York with 7 jobs and 1 NPC boss fight in its category.

That being said, check out the jobs and what it might require of you!

The Simple Things

One of the first of seven jobs you’ll be pulling at the Associate level is Collecting Protection Money. Sounds uncouth for the up and coming Godfather *Mother* like you? Well, bear with it. We all have to start at the bottom to get to the top. The Collection job will require two energy points from you in exchange for the same number of experience points and about 950 dollars in cash.You’ll be needing a regular crowbar here (acquired at the inventory section) and if you’re lucky you might be able to score a butterfly knife as reward.

Another lowlife job is to Rough up the Dealers around your area. Use the 45 caliber you have at your disposal (if not you can buy this don’t worry) and scare them all off for about a grand in reward money and the beautiful brass knuckles to add to your list of weapons in hand. This job needs 2 energy points for the same experience payout so you don’t have to worry about spending too much energy.


butterfly knife


brass knuckles

Practice Runs


tommy gun

45 revolver

To prepare for your Boss fight, why not take out a rogue cop first? Sounds easy enough. Collect a tommy gun and a sedan before taking this cop out. Both items can be bought at the inventory area for a total of 170 thousand dollars (120 for the gun and 50 for the car). However since you’ll be needing two of each, prepare to double the cash you’ll be sending out as well. Aside from that, you’ll also be paying an upkeep cost of 1500 for the tommy gun and 50 for the sedan. Anyway… after the technicalities, expend 3 energy points for a reward of 3 experiences as well as about 840 to 2760 dollars in reward money. If you’re looking for a little extra incentive, think of this - finishing this job might possibly give you a nifty 45 revolver as a reward. Cool huh?

tactical shotgun

A similar job requiring the same energy points, item requirements and even monetary and experiential rewards is Performing a Hit. Seems taking out a rogue cop and taking out anyone in particular will require the same things. The only difference here is the promise of a loot item and the requirement of an extra getaway sedan. Oh don’t worry, there’s still a loot reward waiting for you, possibly. It’s just that instead of a revolver, you might end up with a tactical shotgun instead!

Getting the Job Done

Next up is a bank heist! Finally something with more risk and a scarier outcome! Using up 9 energy points as well as taking the motorcycle out of the garage (if you don’t have one, head to the inventory and use about 15 grand of your money to get it) Money rewards will entail a max outcome of seven thousand dollars as well as 16 experience points to add to your leveling up needs.

After a bank heist, what is next on your list? Why a Jewelry Sore Job of course. Armed with three tommy guns and an armored sedan, gather up your pluck to grab some pricey jewels almost 20 grand in cash and 22 experience points.If you’re wondering how much this will all cost, then do a little math. A tommy gun will require $120,000 from your bank and an armored sedan, $60,000. Add to that the cost of upkeep which is $1500 per gun and a hundred dollar per sedan. Don’t worry, its not as pricey as it looks as you’ll be able to use these items in the future - notably for the Capo Job Tier and the Hitman Job Tier.

The final job you’ll be finishing in the Associate tier is to Hijack a Semi. Use up 7 energy points as well as acquring 2 sawed-off shotguns and a delivery truck to be able to 9 experience points and about 3 thousand dollars. Both items can be bought at the inventory section, the shotgun costing two thousand each and the truck for 20 grand with an upkeep cost of 20 dollars.



armored sedan

tommy gun

sawed off shotgun

delivery truck

Confronting Dt. West

detective west

The second NPC boss fight will be found at the Associate Job TIer. This time it won’t be someone within la famiglia but someone from the force! You got it, it’s time to confront a cop - or in this situation a detective. Detective West seems to have caught on to your actions and you need to snuff him out before things turn too hot to handle.

As usual, every NPC boss fight requires that you use up 20% of what energy you have, so this will vary from player to player depending on how you eke out your points. Aside from the energy requirement, you’ll be needing 2 45 cal pistols, a tommy gun, a bulletproof vest and a sedan. These are all items you’ve used before, so don’t worry about finding them. However, for the sake of the forgetful, every item can be acquired via the Inventory section.


Taking out the bosses can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. As a tip, never ever head into a fight with less than a full health bar at your waist. Aside from that, don’t be stingy with the use of your consumables - particularly the health kit or the shiv. Trust me, its better to use them up than to lost and fork out lots of money.

Conquering West will earn you a badge as another trophy, and of course the much needed nod from the Godfather.

Job Completion

And voila, we are done! Did you have fun my little ingenues? With the mastery of the Associate level for players from levels 5 to 8, the Mafia families are starting to see you as more than just a hired hand. This means the next level will be harder, more complicated and with bigger and better rewards. Are you up for it?


Of course, finishing a tier does have its own rewards. For the Master Associates, a Bugatti - which gives you 7% less damages in fights, Now isn’t that a sweet gift from the family? If you’re ready for bigger and better things, head on to the next job tier. Or if you feel like skipping, why not try the Underboss Job tier? That is if you’re ready for it.

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