Mafia Wars Capo Job Guide Part 1

Mafia Wars Capo Job Guide Part 1
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About Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a Facebook application that lets members take on the roles of Mafioso. Lead a life of crime, borrow, steal, rob and kill all in the name of Family. Players level up at every chance they get whenever they fight with other Mafia men, do certain jobs or complete certain quests. It’s a numbers game and the person with the most skill and kills will win it all!

The Capo Job Guide

The Capo Job Tier is available to players with level of 25 - 34. There are 8 specific jobs to complete in the Capo Level and 3 levels of expertise to complete. Each time you finish a level, you’re closer and closer to full mastering th Capo level and earning the coveted bonus (aside from the ability point awarded every time you finish a level or completely master a job). For the Capo level, you’ll be receiving a U.S. Senator and the title of Master Capo. The US Senator entails that you get 5% repair discount on all your properties. Pretty nifty reward if you ask me.

Steal an Air Freight Delivery

The first job you need to do, is to steal an Air Freight Delivery. There are three required items here, as well as the mandatory energy points (refer to image for guide). For this particular one, you’ll need 29 energy points, 5 Body Armor (you can purchase this item at the inventory tab for $16,000), 2 armored cars and 5 automatic rifles. The last two items are loot items so you’ll need to get them from other jobs. The armored cars are drops from the “Invade Tong Controlled Neighborhood” job from the Hitman job tier and the automatic rifles are drops from the “Bust a Made Man out of Prison” job from the Soldier level.

A special loot item from this job is the Prop Plane, a loot item you’ll need for future higher tiered jobs so let’s hope that in your travels you get to have a couple of them. An experience of 38 is always available with this job and a money reward of at least a cool million dollars for the needy Mafioso.

Run a Biker Gang Out of Town

Next up is running a biker gang out of town. This job requires 32 energy points from you as well the cursory items: motorcyle (x4), town car (x5), chain gun (x4) and semi-automatic shotgun (x4). Every item here, except from the semi-automatic shotgun can be purchased at the inventory section of the application. For the shotgun, you’ll need to Fight A Haitian Gang first. You can find this job in the Soldier Job Tier to collect your loot.


If you’re lucky, you’ll get a special Harley Davidson as your loot item in this particular job. It’s pretty nifty, with an attack base of 18 and a defense base of 6. You might want a couple stored in your inventory for when you raid, rob or kill another Mafioso.

Flip a Snitch

Flipping a Snitch takes you 23 energy points to use, and these important items to be able to get the cool Million reward and the corresponding 32 experience points. The following items are needed: a Getaway Cruiser (Four items at 15 grand each), a Tactical Shotgun and an Untraceable Cellphone. The Tactical Shotgun is kind of tricky, you can get it through the Perform a Hit job (under Associate tier) or by fighting other Mafia men.


Ah! The untraceable cellphone! One of the most repetitive loot items you’ll ever use in the entire game - you’ll need to Rob an Electronics Store from the Enforcer Job tier to be able to get this. Note that the Electronics Store job might yield 2 other loot items (we’ll get to that when we have to), so this might bear repeating.

Stealing Bank Records

Bank Records need to be stolen and experience points need to be garnered! Use up 27 energy points to get 38 experience points with this job! The Getaway cruiser that you bought for the Snitch job will come in handy and the other item (Armored Truck) you’ll be getting from the Enforcer Job tier (Look for the job that aptly says Smuggle Across the Border)

Loot the Police Impound Lot

Impound Lot

Nothing says bad guy that going after the polizia’s turf and that’s exactly what you’re going to do! It’s time to loot the police impound lot. Go the Inventory section (if you don’t already have these items) and purchase 15 Body Armors and 15 Chain Guns. The next two items, 4 armored cars and 2 night vision googles are loot items. Armored cars have already been mention prior to this job and the Night Vision Goggles will be acquired either from fighting or by Assassinating a Political Figure via the Hitman tier.

Recruit a Rival Crew Member

Recruiting Rival Crew Members to your side? Then you need bodyguards! (And some other choice items) The Town Cars and the Tommy Guns can be bought at the Inventory panels, as previously mentioned.


If you Protect your City against a Rival Family, then if you’re lucky enough you can get a Bodyguard. You’ll need to repeat this process for a while as the Bodyguard loot item is kind of tricky and elusive. (You’ll need two!)

Dodge an FBI Tail

Of course looting a police impound lot is cool, but dodging an FBI tail is so much better! How else can you be a made man by getting lots and lots of cars to run away with? In this regard, gather 2 Town Cars and 2 Getaway Cruises to your cause and another Untraceable Cellphone (to contact your buddies if you get lonely)

Successfully completing this job gets you 28 more experience points!

What a Rival Leader

Final Capo Job! it’s time to take out the Bigwig and that means going after a Rival Leader. So gather the Two Bodyguards you used when you recruited a Rival Member and 5 Town Cars to get on your way. Don’t forget ammo! For this, you’ll need .45 Revolver and you won’t be getting it anywhere but in the Associate tier, taking out a Rogue Cop.

With this, you’re done and you’re on your way to a higher level. If you want to learn more about Mafia Wars check out the following links.

If you’re still hedging about whether you want to play this game then read up on the Mafia Wars Review and the Beginner’s Guide will be readily available to anyone who needs some start up tips. Dun dun we’re done and I’ll see you all at the next Mafia Wars Job Guide!

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