A Consigliere's Guide to Mastering Facebook Mafia Wars

A Consigliere's Guide to Mastering Facebook Mafia Wars
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About Mafia Wars

The Consigliere acts as the official adviser to the Godfather. A very important position, the strength of a consigliere in times of peace or war could often dictate the strength of the Godfather as well. The same applies to the Facebook app, Mafia Wars. The Consigliere job tier comes third in the highest of New York job rankings, falling behind the Underboss and Boss tier..

You can tell by the job descriptions that you’ll be pulling for this level. It’s definitely not a small time game that’s for sure! Come through with the usual levels of mastery and you’ll be awarded a Helicopter. This reward item will reduce your energy regeneration time by 30 seconds. If you’ve been playing this game long enough, you’ll know for a fact that 30 seconds will be a great help for when you’re boosting your stats.


As with the other high levelled job tiers, the Consigliere position requires so preparation before undertaking certain missions in this level. If you’re looking to plan ahead and wish to have these prep items on hand before moving on, then be informed. You’ll need 35 Blackmail Photos and Untraceable Cellphones as well as 52 Illegal Transaction records. The Blackmail Photos you’ll acquire from the Hitman tier, the Untraceable Cellphone from the Enforcer tier and the Illegal Transaction Records from the Capo job tier.

Now that you know what you need, let’s check out the jobs that needed them in the first place.

Item Requirements

The Life of a Consigliere

luxury yacht

Let’s begin with a little arm twisting. Obtain blackmail in order to Blackmail a Harbor Official. Make sure the photos are worth it because you’ll be using up 44 energy points here in exchange for 75. Successfully strong-arming the Harbor Official will earn you a couple of million dollars (3, 335, 000 to be exact). Oh, and there’s also a chance that you’ll obtain a Luxury Yacht in the process, doesn’t do much but it sure looks pretty.

The Illegal Transaction Records coupled with 2 .22 Caliber Pistols will do nicely when you Fix the Big Game. Expend 44 energy points in this endeavor and be reward with an experience of 69 points. If you’re lucky, you might also get the Bookie’s Holdout Pistol (which is really inconsequential) - add that to the 6 million you’re sure to get, and this job is a sweet deal.

New Cars and Rides

Finally use your untraceable cellphone, coupled with 10 Town Cars and 5 automatic rifles in order to Ransom a Businessman’s Kids. This job will require 58 energy points in exchange for 80 experience points from you. Making the businessman yield to your demands means a cash reward of upwards to 9 million. Daddy really does love his kids doesn’t he? If you’re looking for a little more incentive, then how’s about a brand new GX9 to sweeten the pot? Don’t worry about the number of Town Cars, they’re actually very useful in this game. You’ll be needing them time and time again, in various jobs within these tiers: Enforcer, Hitman, Capo, Underboss and Boss.

What Needs to Be Done

Fairy tale Mafias

Once upon a time, an aspiring Consigliere decided to Steal an Arm’s Shipment. He uses up 40 energy points (hoping to get 76 experience points in return) and a cache of weapons such as: 2 speed boats, 10 chain guns and 2 grenade launchers.After successfully getting away with the shipment and more than 3 million dollars, he stashes the grenade launchers for future use in the Hitman and Underboss levels.

Moving up the Mafia Ladder

Now that our witty Consigliere has succsessfully stolen an arm’s shipment, he needs to Move the Stolen Merchandise. So he uses the two speed boats in an earlier heist, 5 delivery trucks (for shipping the merchandise) and 4 semi-automatic shotguns (just in case there’s trouble). All in all, he uses up 32 energy points in this endeavor. If you’re wondering what our Consigliere gets in return… He gets 58 experience points as well as almost 5 million dollars in reward money.

Unfortunately, not everything is well in this crime family because there is a tattletale! So what does a Consigliere do in a time like this? Call someone, to Snuff Out a Rat. Using up 39 energy points, hand your man 6 Town Cars, 2 automatic rifles and 2 .50 caliber rifles as well as a hacksaw. And since even a crime family needs to be eco-friendly, save those automatics for further use in the Capo, Underboss and Boss levels. Happily have that rat disposed of and gain 72 experience points and a sweet 4 million dollars in reward

Business of Cleaning Up

prop plane

What do you do with a dead rat? Well you have to Dispose of a Body, that’s for sure. Use another speed boat and a hacksaw (to mash up his body to smithereens) Give up 22 energy points in order to get 42 experience points in return. If you do this right, then you can get 2.8 millions dollars for a job well done. Once this job is done, make sure you Help A Fugutive Flee the Country by supplying him with a Prop Plane. 35 points in return for 66 as well as more than 3 million dollars in reward money.

Wrapping Things Up

With that, your job as a Consigliere is done and you will be happily rewarded with a Helicopter. Congratulations! Now wasn’t that fun? If you’ve enjoyed the role of Consigliere then you’ll probably enjoy these other Mafia roles as well! So check these tier game guides out ( Street Thug, Associaite, Solider,Hitman, Enforcer, Capo, Underboss) and have fun rounding up bodies

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