Facebook Mafia Wars: The Enforcer Job Guide

Facebook Mafia Wars: The Enforcer Job Guide
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About the Game

Mafia Wars is a popular Facebook game (also on MySpace) that takes MMO gaming to a whole new level. Incorporating basic turn based RPG mechanics, players are given a chance to enter the world of the elusive Cosa Nostra i.e. the Mafia. The Enforcer job tier is merely one of 9 tiers in the New York Stage of Mafia Wars. As of October 2009, other locations opened to Mafia Wars players are Cuba and Moscow.

The Enforcer Tier

The Enforcer Job Tier is one of the few job tiers that Mafia Wars players will keep coming back to, and is also a unique tier because it requires and has Preparation Jobs that players will need to complete first before completing certain missions in the level.

One of the more important jobs that you’ll be repeating is the Rob an Electronics Store, a job that will both amuse and irritate you because of it’s loot items: Computer Set Up, Untraceable Cellphone and Concealable Camera. These items will be sorely needed for job areas such as the Capo, Consigliere, Underboss and Boss Areas for the New York stage.

As usual, three level masteries are required to finish this level. And the reward? A Money Plate that will reduce property prices by an impressive 5 percent. So on to the areas…

Preparation Jobs

First let’s deal with the Preparation Jobs.

There are four preparation jobs that you’ll be doing over and over again in order to complete certain areas in this level as well as higher levels in the future. Each preparation job will require 8 energy points from you and yield 12 experience points in return. Unfortunately, since its a preparation job, there will be no cash reward. But don’t worry, good things comes to those who wait.

wiretap device

Of all four, the one that you’ll be using in another level will be the Overtake Phone Central prep job. The loot item ( Wiretap Device) will not only be something to use in this level but in Hitman job tier as well.

Since its an “extraspecial” job, you’ll of course be required to fulfill certain item requirements first, such as: 5 Getaway Cruisers and 10 Chainguns. Both items can be bought at the inventory sections, each of them costing 90,000 and 200,000 dollars respectively. Upkeep cost will be 200 and 2500 per item so, it might be pretty costly. Still, if you’re already at this level - the upkeep cost will barely scratch your coffers.

The other three jobs, Distill Some Liquor, Manufacture Tokens and Get Cheating Deck are insider jobs for this tier only.

Poker Games and Liquor Smuggling


Now to the real job. Let’s start with the jobs that will require the loot items from the prep jobs.


Running an Illegal Poker Game is something that really fills up an Enforcer’s belly. Make sure you have 20 tokens and cards acquired from Manufacture Tokens and Get Cheating Deck Job. It’ll cost 17 energy points and reward you with 41, as well as a hefty cash reward of upwards of 690 grand.

Poker games need alcohol don’t they? Make a little more profit by Smuggling Liquor into the city. 20 bottles should be enough and a Town Car to carry those items over. Energy required? 26. Experience reward? A whopping 41 points. Add to that, yummy money that comes to just a little under a million dollars.

Wiretapping Cops

Obviously, you need to be keeping an eye out for the po-pos. So make sure you Wiretap the Cops. Using the wiretap device you got from the Overtake the Phone Central prep job, just make sure you have 10 Tommy Guns and 3 Getaway Cruisers with you. If you’re worried about the usefulness of these items, dont’t worry. These can be reused in future jobs at the Associate, Solider and Capo levels as well the Hitman, Underboss and Boss Tiers too.


Across the Border

chain gun

armored sedan

If you’re Smuggling Items Across the Border, you’ll need to make sure that you have ammo ready in the form of Chain Guns and escape cars like an Armored Sedan. You’ll need two of each with every item available to complete this job, using up 6 energy points. The experience is just 2 more than what you put out, so it’s still a good profit. Money isn’t that big, with less than 50 grand to give. However, the crowning plus for this tier is the loot item you might receive, the armored truck. This item will be useful to you in the Capo and Underboss tiers.

Other Jobs to be Done

getaway cruiser


Next up is the Federal Reserve Raid. 22 energy points for 35 experience points seems like a fair trade, yes? Use a getaway cruiser, 10 tommy guns and 10 grenades to help you complete this quest. 115 thousand is the lowest amount you can acquire from this job and a max of 460. So expect a little moolah.

If you’re looking for a little more action, why not Burn Down a Tenement in order to shake up those people who just won’t pay their rent? Tsk tsk tsk. Round up 2 sedans, and 2 .45 revolvers as well as 4 Firebombs! Boom, baby! Use up 16 energy points to get 25 more experiences for you. A cash reward of 345,000 will be waiting for you as well as the proud fact that you’ve terrorized people into doing your bidding. Oh, and if you’re looking for the Firebomb in your inventory and can’t find it, here’s the reason. The Firebomb is actually a loot item that you’ll be getting from the Steal a Tanker Truck from the Soldier Tier.

Wrapping Up

concealable camera

computer setup

untraceable cellphone

Finally, the most important job you’ll be completing here over and over is Rob an Electronics Store. Yeap, this is the job you’ll have to do quite a number of times for future jobs as we’ve previously mentioned. Anyway, to do this job, you’ll need 2 Delivery Trucks, 3 Bulletproof Vests and 3 Tommy Guns as well 21 energy points. Rewards? The loot items you’ll be needing over and over: Computer Setup, Untraceable Cellphone and Concealable Camera. Oh, and of course, 29 experience points and 400 grand in reward.

That wraps up all the jobs that you’ll ever have to do in the Enforcer Tier. Hopefully this guide will have helped you on your quest! If you’re looking for other job tiers, then follow the links for the job guides for the following tiers: Street Thug, Solider , Associate, Hitman, Capo, Underboss.

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