FrontierVille Energy Guide to Replenishing - How to Replenish Energy in FrontierVille

FrontierVille Energy Guide to Replenishing - How to Replenish Energy in FrontierVille
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Why is FrontierVille Energy Important? How to Replenish Energy in FrontierVille

The game is in many ways like Treasure Isle. Without enough energy there is almost nothing you can do. You may have things in the game that are ready to be dealt with but you quickly learn that without energy, you can’t even harvest a crop. This can be very disappointing especially for someone who is new to the game. It seems waiting is the answer everyone gives quickly when asked what can they do to get FrontierVille energy. You get one energy point for waiting five minutes. It’s a bit tedious to get energy points this way but it is a sure fire way and if you have a bit of time just leave the game open for a while and you should acquire some energy points.

Quick Tips to Gaining FrontierVille Energy

While waiting may be the path others want to take, I tend to lean to other methods of gaining FrontierVille energy that don’t require as much waiting. These tips will help you overcome the waiting game also.


Visit Neighbors to Earn FrontierVille Energy

Just like any social game, neighbors rule. You will most likely get bombarded by neighbor requests once you start the game but don’t worry, they’re going to help you in the long run. Visiting neighbors and working on their place starts unlocking things and gives you more energy and points.

Work Those Neighbors

Hiring neighbors to work on your farm can net you food and energy. For a small price of 50 coins you can hire two neighbors per day. Any other neighbors that visit your farm and work are just extra energy and food for you.


Using Neighbors for Free Meals

Who doesn’t like a free meal every now and again? Getting free meals from your neighbors in FrontierVille can help you gain energy by food. Getting free meals are just that free and you can request that your friends send you those free meals. There is a flip side of the coin however, you’ll need to send them some free meals and gifts also so you don’t look too greedy, but that’s just good etiquette.

Struggling to Find Neighbors?


If none of your current friends play FrontierVille or they don’t want to become your neighbor then I suggest you get some new friends, keeping your old friends of course, by searching Facebook for users who play FrontierVille you can find others who play and may want to be your neighbor. This strategy requires you to become friends with strangers however and many people frown on that. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you let them know in your friend request what you are doing.


These tips should help you get more energy in FrontierVille without the pain of waiting on your energy points to replenish. Using other ways to replenish your energy will help you along in the game. Speeding up your game play and getting your energy levels up to maximum levels can be achieved just by following these few simple tips.