Flick Fishing Review: Get Hooked on Catching Fish with Your iPhone


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Fishing games are among the popular game genres in the console gaming market. And so expectedly, the iPhone should also have its own fishing game. Actually, there are several fishing games available at the App Store, but not one comes close to the feature-rich, beautifully rendered and animated fishing game – Flick Fishing. Flick Fishing maybe a paid game app, but the $1.99 that you have to spend to get it is definitely more than enough for the long, fun hours that you’re going to devote playing the game alone, with your friends or with anybody in the iPhone network.

Gameplay and Control

As its name suggests Flick Fishing is a fishing game which utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer to control the basic movement of the game, which is casting your fishing rod onto the open sea by flicking your iPhone forward. Once you’ve casted your line, all you need to is wait for a fish to catch the bait. In the meantime, enjoy the animated environment which could include the smooth waves of the sea and river. Your fishing box moving from left to right, and birds hovering above the sea.

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Once a fish catches the bait, you know it. The iPhone will vibrate a bit to signify that you have caught a fish. The next thing you know the rolling wheel for your fishing line will appear on the screen and you need to roll in the fishing line by tapping the icon in circular, clockwise motion. While reeling in your rod line, pay attention to the bar on top of the screen as it indicates the line’s tension. Once the bar fills with orange, it means your line has snapped and you’re back to square one. The second bar below the line tension bar indicates the fish strength as it struggles to free itself from the fish hook. It doesn’t really matter whether this bar is fully filled or not.

That’s basically how the game works. It’s a game of chance and luck as you don’t have too much control on the outcome of your fishing expedition.

Play Modes

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The game offers two modes of play – Go Fishing and Tournament. Go Fishing is a straight forward fishing mode where your objective is to catch fish, catch fish, and catch fish. In tournament you can either choose Big Catch or Big Fish. Both game modes let you play against Human, CPU or Network. Big Catch is a timed fishing event with the objective of ending up with the biggest catch after the 3-minute time period expires. While Big Fish is also a timed fishing event, you are in pursuit of the biggest caught fish.

In addition to these game modes, there is also a quest mode which you can access by tapping on the yellow “!” in the middle of the game map. The Old Guy in the lighthouse will ask you to photograph as many fish as you can and doing so will let you unlock new items and earn reward items from the Old Guy.

Winning in the tournament against the CPU will also let you unlock the Xtreme fishing options. I have yet to unlock that option since I haven’t won any tournament. I’m telling you, it can get pretty hard if you don’t know the tricks in catching the biggest fish or the biggest catch during the tournaments.

Flick Fishing Graphics and Sound

Like I said before, Flick Fishing features a fully animated environment. It’s not 3D but good enough to entice you into appreciating the game. The fishing spots vary from one area to another and the environments vary as well. If you are fishing on a calm fishing spot, expect some wild ducks “swimming left and right”, or wild geese and birds hovering above. Even your fishing toolbox gets its share of animation when you are fishing in a not so calm water area. As the waves move your boat and fishing toolbox moves from left to right. It’s not top-notch animation that you see in real console games, but good enough to add interest into playing the game.

As for the sound department, Flick Fishing also excels in this department. From the sound of the reeling fishing rod, to the sound of the waves, the game is as realistic as you could expect for the cost.

Our Verdict

What can we say? We really like this game and enjoy playing it over and over again. There are so many fish varieties to catch, several game options to play, a quest mode to complete, and many more to enjoy. It’s almost comparable to most fishing games in your traditional consoles. If you’re looking for a great fishing game that you can play on your iPhone, Flick Fishing is definitely a must-download.