Backbreaker Football - Tackle Alley on the Go

Backbreaker Football - Tackle Alley on the Go
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Backbreaker Football by NaturalMotion Games is a gem within the plethora of football-related games. With competition from big name titles like Madden 10, Backbreaker takes a different approach to football on the go. Rather than having you face a team against a team, the game places you with the football as you dodge oncoming opponents and score points. What seems to be boring can have you playing for hours. With a cheap price of $.99, this is a no-brainer for sports enthusiasts and the average gamer alike.


The graphics in this game are superb, from the environments to the player models. You start off each game with a view of the stadium, which is filled with details. The 3D technology used really immerses you in the experience. You can actually see individual fans in the crowd as they move. Although they move in a linear pattern, this level of detail is rare in an iPhone game. Like a standard field, the markings are all visible as well as shadows as you run. The animations are very fluid, with no hiccups at all. From the regular running to the celebrations after your touchdown, the animations are perfect.



Backbreaker Football splits the gameplay down into 2 distinct sections. The first mode is Challenge where you face 10 waves that are increasingly difficult. Since there are 10 waves per team you face, and there are 5 times you end up playing 50 waves. Waves are made different with different opponent placements and certain boundaries that lead you down a certain path. You don’t have unlimited lives though. Five tries are all you get to make your way through.The other mode is Endurance as you face an unlimited amount of waves that are randomly picked. Just like Challenge, the level of difficulty increases as you progress.

The gameplay revolves around you dodging enemies by tilting your iPhone as well as using the two moves you have. These moves are the juke and spin. To get a touchdown you must analyze where the opponent is coming from and use the appropriate move to successfully dodge their tackle. In most occasions both of the moves can be used.

Also included are the Sprint and Showboat buttons. The sprint does as it says while the showboat can earn you some extra points. Once you have successfully dodged all the opponents, the button appears and you are allowed to hold the button to do some final tricks. Once you reach the endzone the points stop accumulating and the points earned are added to the total. This incorporates a sort of risk and a sense of timing as enemies do tackle you from behind if they are able to.

Replay Value

Like said before, this is an addictive app. However, there may be some that are not interested in this type of gameplay. For those, it might seem boring as there is only one type of way to play. The two modes that are included offer a small variety, but are not ultimately that unique. Fortuneately, updates are possible via the iTunes store and hopefully they will add more multiplayer options and game modes.

Conclusion (5 out of 5)

Backbreaker Football is guaranteed to rise to the top as one of the most addicting games on the iPhone. I have no real complaints about the game other than the annoying Facebook window that always appears when starting the game. Luckily, you can turn it off in the settings. With intuitive motion controls and amazing 3D graphics, this is a great game. With future updates, the longevity of this game can be greatly increased and twists can be adding the core gameplay. Grab this while it’s cheap.